Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 220 - 222

Day 220: Wednesday June 22, 2011
Arroyo View 5 miles +100 feet

I was in past the locked gate on Lawrence Drive in Newbury Park because I was picking up a spring suit for Ayden.  My little buddy joined the diving team!  Problem is, he's freezing every time he gets out of the water.  Rather than pay $100 for a new suit, the wife found one on Craigs List...

So, I took the opportunity to connect to the Day 86: Arroyo Conejo Trail 
Here's the problem, the two possible entrances are blocked off.  The picture above is from Arroyo View street near the Ventu entrance and the other outlet would be on Road Runner.  There are trails that lead right up to the fence, but the sign on Road Runner is very clear and unless you want to jump the fence in this private community, you are forced to start the hike from the park.  It's too bad because this would be a nice selling point for these homes.  Well, they are already worth well over a million in many cases so I guess they don't really care about this outdoor luxury.  As a result, I jogged the streets mostly and skipped over some vacant lots where new homes will soon be built...

Day 221: Thursday June 23, 2011
Rancho Conejo Open Space 2.5 miles +350 feet

This is basically a continuation from day 219.  Yesterday (Day 220), I was just around the corner from where I have been exploring lately.  With the aid of Google satellite maps, I confirmed the initial twists and turns around the Old Oak Tree.  I took the side outlets to the left and now have a great sense for how this area all connects.  I am working on the map and once I take the higher road to connect to Happy Valley: Day 207, I will publish the map in a pdf format.

Day 222: Friday June 24, 2011
Near Lade Casitas 1.5 miles +50 feet

My big hike is tomorrow so today was just a chill walk around the outside of the fence at Lake Casitas.  I took the wife on a motorcycle ride and we parked off Santa Ana as soon as we saw the lake.  Otherwise, you can go further up and pay to gain entry.  The ride started off in the June Gloom of Ventura and by the time we reached Lake Casitas, it was warm and sunny.  Odd huh?  The better hiking would have been inside the gate but the point of today was to just go for a ride and I was lucky to get the walk in.  Speaking of which, I better go down stairs to rub her feet because I'm going to be gone, out in the wild for the next couple of days.

***Quickly, check out this new blog that I discovered:
 These guys have gone on some extraordinary hikes in the back country "Sespe Wilderness"

***A few quick Rewind pics from my extended 10-mile hike last weekend.  Walking along the PCH to Las Posas:

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