Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DAY 205: The 400 Year Old Oak Tree

This tree may have been around in the 1600's

***If you decide to hike this trail, please do not disturb the tree.  The Chumash Indians lived here through the millenniums and still this tree stands strong.  Unlike other popular spots, like Two Trees, there is no graffiti or trash back here.  As always, respect the land and pack out what you pack in.  I just don't understand why people seemed thrilled to carve initials, spray paint or chuck beer bottles into nature.  If you are one of those people, get off my blog!  I am vehemently determined to reprimand you if I catch you!

DAY 205: The 400 Year Old Oak Tree
Date: Tuesday June 7, 2011
Miles: 2.75
Elevation Gain: 400 Feet
Time: 45 mins
Difficulty: Fairly simple hike but the Old Oak Trail may be difficult to identify
Reward: Discovering the 400-year-old Oak Tree
Description: Entering the Rancho Conejo Open Space behind Baxter.  With the assistance of a regular (my tour guide), I looped around the area while being educated about the land...
Where: Newbury Park, CA
Directions:From the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, exit on Rancho Conejo Rd and take it past Amgen near the end.  Look for a company called "Baxter" on the right.  Turn right in the very last driveway and park in the back...

 (Looking back) hop the small gate at Baxter and walk across the field

 This trail leads to the trail I was on yesterday (there is a guy walking)

 I met "John" and we turned left near the bottom of the hill (before the water)

 The main trail continues straight, but we turned off to the left...

 The trail was hard to see at first, but then it made sense

 This is not the old oak, but getting closer

 Enter the forest and the old oak will be on your left (pic on top)

 This trail led to "The Abandoned Car Trail"

 I hiked this stretch on Day 81, look out for poison oak & spiders

 Papyrus Plant (Egyptians used it to make paper)

 The old fence (Abandoned Car Trailhead)

You finally come out at a road, turn left and follow it all the way to the top.  This will lead you out at Conejo Center Rd.  Turn left and follow this back to Baxter.  **It was just a completely random coincidence that I met John today.  We were going the same direction at the same time.  Turns out he hikes this trail twice a week.  He gave me some insight on hiking Mt. Conejo and pointed out an area known as Happy Valley.  Also, beyond what I call Mt. Rex is an area known as Fairy Land.  He explained that you look out over the weigh station on the 101 grade and on the other side you will see it.  There were so many different ways that you could go, but I am mapping it out.  I will soon post a picture of the map that I am drawing.

Thank you John for all the knowledge that you shared.  If you happen to see this post, please share :)


  1. Nice! I wonder how many other ancient oaks there are out there to be discovered in VC.

  2. **I once hiked the Chorro Grande Trail and at the Chorro Springs camp, elevation 6500 feet, there are two large trees. I am not certain, but I believe they are either sequoias or redwoods. The trail is off the 33 between Rosevalley and Lockwood Valley; the Real Ventura County!




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