Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DAY 197: Rincon Point & Save the Seals!

DAY 197: Rincon Point & Save the Seals!
Date: Monday May 30, 2011 {Memorial Day}
Miles: 3.0
Elevation Gain: 150 Feet
Time: 2.5 Hours
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: Cool Beach & Hanging with the Seals
Description: Exploring a new beach and seeing the seals for the last time before the public will force them into the water
Where: Carpinteria, CA
Directions:From the 101 Freeway in Carpinteria, exit on Bates and turn towards the ocean.  Rincon State Park is on the right and Rincon Point is on the left.  Park on either side (We parked on the left).

 Hike about 1/8th mile down the trail to the beach

The Rincon Hut

From the point, you will have to hike to the right.  Less than a quarter mile later you will reach the creek.  The water is actually flowing right into the ocean.  It's really cool and you will need to tip-toe or jump across.  On the other side you will encounter a million rocks.  There is plenty of sandy beach to walk on but you must look through the rocks for star fish, shells and of course, rocks...

DAY 197 Bonus:

On DAY 84 I hiked from the bluffs to Rincon.  Today we jumped back in the car and headed north two exits to Bailard.  It's May 30th and in two days from now the Carpinteria Seal Preserve will no longer be protected.  I was going out here today assuming that most of the Seal population would have already left:

 Ayden & Kaitlyn on bikes...

100's of seals!  In theory, all the pups should be strong enough to conquer the cold pacific waters.  In the picture above, the young pup on the left is barely ready for this challenge but in two days people will be allowed to start walking this beach and all the seals will scatter.  I did not expect to see the full population of seals here today.  This is their home and they are very happy living here!  They were vocal, excited, swimming, napping, feeding and just living the good life undisturbed.  **I am taking the day off on June 1st to see how they will react to people.  If all of the seals are in their spot, I will not be the one to chase them away.  But I am sure come the first weekend, children will chase them and these harbor seals will be forced into separation.  I cannot give up on their rights and I am ashamed that I haven't been able to do more to help them; yet...

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