Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Lazy Hiker

How does this happen?  I hike everyday yet I still gain weight.  This is absolutely ridiculous!  At age 36, I can no longer order a large pizza, fold two pieces into one like a sandwich and then devour the entire pie.  I eat less, but hiking an hour a day does not take care of the 8+ hours in the office.  The main culprit is eating and drinking the wrong foods!  So, I've decided that I will substitute coffee for tea or water.  I will eliminate soda, beer and fast food.  Dinners will be either light veggies or protein shakes.  No sense in eating a large meal at 7pm and then go to bed; what a complete waste!

In the past, I would have the desire to workout and run off 30 pounds in 30 days.  However, today I no longer have that same drive.  That being said, I am on a mission and although I will not sprint to victory, I will gradually accomplish the same goal.  You wont see me in a dungeon (a gym).  There will be no bench pressing 300+ pounds.  I will not confine myself indoors but I will do push-ups, sit-ups, curls with my 35 pound dumb bells, oh, and I will keep up the cardio by hiking and/or trail raining every single day.

I'm going to New Zealand on September 11, yes 9/11.  Rather than chart my progress daily, I will not step on the scale again until September 10th.  This gives me 88 days to make a serious dent.  My goal is to drop 10% over this 3-month period.  I WILL WEIGH 205 POUNDS ON SEPTEMBER 10th!

***Now, this will be embarrassing, but I deserve it for being so LAZY!  I will not insult you, I kept my shirt on but here are the before pictures:

Yes, I will cheat.  As I write, I am drinking champagne.  Call it a celebration for sharing this fugly picture!  Wish me luck.  I have kids and I'd like to be around for my grandkids.  I have no health insurance so I must rely on the strength of my mind and body.

  **Hiking Update:

Day 211 Monday June 13, 2011: Knoll Park & Pepper Tree Play Field
3.5 miles +250 feet

The weather is starting to come around.  At the corner of Reino Rd & Old Conejo Road in Newbury Park, I took to the grassy area.  I trotted across the street from Knoll to Pepper Tree and nearly though about crossing the next street to run toward the grade.  However, I was bored, sluggish and quit after 45 minutes.  This past weekend I hiked slowly with the kids on the beach, drank beer, had barbecues and suffered for it on Monday...

Day 212 Tuesday June 14, 2011: Arroyo Verde

4.5 miles +750 feet

Summertime and 80's up in Thousand Oaks but June Gloom and 60's in Ventura.  Actually, the upper Arroyo Verde section offered sunshine and heat but the trot to the lower portion of the park was like running through a misty cloud.  This is quite typical.  All of lower Ventura is gloomy in the early summer months but my house sits at approximately 700 feet; above the clouds.  I went off trail again with Sammi.  2 hours later, I came home frustrated with my performance.  I decided to call my entry the Lazy Hiker, took pictures of my gut and said, IT"S ON!!

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  1. Good luck losing weight. It gets tougher as you get older.

    I lost no more than 8-10 pounds during my year of 100 hikes. I think I've probably pretty much put that back on. My problem was that hiking just made me hungry.

    So it's good when I'm actually hiking (because I can't eat serious food when I'm hiking), but then I eat pretty much all the calories I burned once I get back.

    Been even worse the last few weeks, since I've been sick. Now, I'm eating like crazy but not even able to hike. Yuck




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