Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seals no longer Protected in San Diego

A coworker of mine pointed out this article:

This is a bummer.  Everything that I intend to do in Carpineteria was done in La Jolla and has now reversed itself.  However, there are several differences between the Seals down south versus the Seals in Carp:
  • There was a sea wall built in La Jolla in the 1930's with to help reduce the waves and allow children to swim at this beach.  Meanwhile, the cove near Casitas Pier in Carpinteria is not kid friendly or family oriented.  In fact, it is quite dangerous and people could be trapped during high tide.
  • There is no group opposing the sanctuary in Carpinteria like there was in La Jolla.  Sure, there will be challenges to gain legal approval through the California Coastal Commision but we don't anticipate an opposition to oppose the sanction.
  • Now that this popular beach down south will be populated with residents, the harbor seals will need a new place to live.  This will become an annoyance at other popular beaches that usually don't have seal encounters.  Once the Seal word is out, Casitas Pier will be the most popular preserve along the Southern California Coast.
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**My opinion: I suppose it makes sense to allow the city population to swim at La Jolla.  In 1930 a wall was built for that very purpose and the area itself is easily accessible to residents, unlike the situation in Carp.  At least they will still be protected during pupping season but the truth is, these seals will be ridiculed because human nature dictates the torment of other natural living creatures and areas unless someone steps in to stop them.  If there was no restriction, Donald Trump could just build a golf course anywhere; like along an ancient sand dune in Ireland...  Oh yeah, he's already doing that.  In his words, "...improving God's work".  --Where do we draw the line?

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