Friday, April 12, 2013

4 Months to Whitney - #Give10 - Rwanda Water Hike -Oaks Christian

Exactly 4 months from today I will be conquering Mount Whitney!!!

The whole idea of Day #1000 has aspired so many ideas...

Today I stumbled across an interesting website and I would like to share it:  In Google, I typed in this key phrase, "To the Summit and Beyond".  I was thinking of my Mt. Whitney adventure and what possibilities may come after Day #1000.  I was hoping Google would have had no results because I wanted to use this phrase for myself, but of course, great minds think a like and the slogan was taken.  The phrase was used as the title post for a hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro -

Beyond the hiking aspect of this site, what really caught my attention was the nonprofit mission the author was striving for.  Click on her link #Give10 for more details...

This leads me to my own mission, to hike for a cause.  My reward from these hikes has been the experience and visuals that will live inside forever.  Publishing them on this blog and sharing them with you helps motivate my purpose.  I think it's truly remarkable that so many people visit this site everyday and with all this exposure I would like to help pay it forward.

Today I discovered charity:water.  I created a profile and I want to urge everyone to make a small donation.  Just know, I do not make a penny off this.  Check it out, if you believe in the cause, Help...

Day #873 * Hike #1096 * New Track #859
Oaks Christian - Westlake Village
Sunday April 6, 2013

My Tripometer: 3.5 Hours * 2.75 Miles * +50 Feet

Well, my ETA was 2:00 and I was here one minute early.  Come to find out that the girls would not be meeting up until 3:30 for the soccer match up.  So, let's hike around the campus...

Sammi and I had trekked a total of 10+ miles today... 

and she was mighty thirsty..

 bridge to the middle school

 Sammi's like, "I'm so done"

 We walked around the high school and middle school twice...

Basketball on the grass
Reminds me of playing BBall in the snow in Cleveland

Finally, the girls arrive at the field for warm ups.  If I wasn't spent yet, I was now.  Alyssa warmed up against me and let me tell you, who shots HURT!  I think my arm is still stinging.  This was a scrimmage match against the Conejo Valley Boys Team...

 Open your eyes girl!

 Run Faster!

Take the Shot!!!
The Girls won 4-2, or something like that.  Alyssa tapped in one of the shots, which gives her three total goals now since her return.  Good Job Sissy - You Are Back!!!
Day #874 * Hike #1097 * Duplicate Track
Arroyo Verde - Ventura
Monday April 7, 2013

My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 3.25 Miles * +425 Feet

Day #875 * Hike #1098 * New Track #860
Kimball Park - Ventura, CA
Tuesday April 8, 2013

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 5.75 Miles * +150  Feet

Today Jess and I ran over 5 miles at Kimball.  What made this different for me to qualify it as a New Track was the fact that I ran along the inside dirt track as opposed to the cement path as usual.  Jess ran on the pavement and Ayden rode his bike.  Our times were anything but impressive, but for the record, here they are:

Quarter Mile Splits
  • 2.37.82
  • 2.42.67
  • 2.31.76
  • 2.21.47   10.13.72 Mile 1, YIKES :(
  • 2.18.85
  • 2.36.23
  • 2.34.28
  • 2.17.52
  • 2.13.68
  • 2.28.86
  • 4.51.00  Crosswalk Delays, etc...
  • 2.39.75
  • 2.41.65
  • 2.17.48
  • 2.33.19
  • 2.44.91
  • 2.41.20
  • 2.43.28
  • 2.04.03
  • 1.42.32  -  Final Quarter Mile - Not all the sprint that I should of had, but still a decent close

1.02.56  - 1st split approx 1/8 mile across street
1.09.70  - 2nd split
1.07.87  - 3rd split

55.02.08 Final 5 5/16ths miles
56.49.08 Jess Finishing Time

****So I weigh 215 Pounds right now and I just ate a cookie and drank a Starbucks.  Whitney is 4 months away.  Something has got to give. I've said it before but now I must, focus, diet, eat well, live well.  Hiking alone only makes me hungry so I'm gonna have to figure this out!  I am not built like a slender hiker.  I pass these guys who are 6'1" and weigh 160 lbs.  I am a 5'10" Middle Linebacker!  I just happy to love hiking but it tears my body a part.  For Whitney, I must get down to under 190 pounds.  That means in the next 4 months, I have to drop 25 pounds.

The last time I weighed under 200 was in March of 2010, when I ran the LA Marathon.  Dude, I ran so much then and barely got under 200.  I held that for like a day and then ballooned up to 220 before I began hiking in November that year.  Overall, I've held this weight, bounced around a bit, but now its time cause I got Whitney in Mind...

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