Saturday, April 20, 2013

Days 879 - 881

Day #879 * Hike #1104 * New Track #863
Night Hike from Mine Camp - Dick Smith Wilderness, CA
Saturday April 13, 2013
My Tripometer: 1  Hours * 1.75 Miles * +250 Feet

I intended to stay the night at Mine Camp but after dinner, I felt lonely and Sammi was not cutting it.  I had my escape, found a new place and I explored the area.  Finally, I decided to walk through the forest with a glimpse of quarter moon light and hightail it all the way back to the car.  The trail was difficult to follow but fortunately Sammi helped pave the way.  Well, she is not the best guide dog.  She is no Domino.  A couple of times I had to yell out -  "SAMMI" --  Yeah, wrong way confirmed.  But, we made it and I rushed up to Chill Out Frozen Yogurt before we closed...

Day #880 * Hike #1105 * New Track #864
Kimball and Lemon Groves - Ventura, CA
Sunday April 14, 2013
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 4 Miles * +75 Feet

With Ayden on his bike, Jess and I began our jog along the old familiar route at Kimball Park.  We then proceeded down the new connector path and continued past Johnson to the people walk bridge near the Government Center.  Up and over the 126, the New Track begins through a cut out in the fence along the North side of the 126.  Ayden rode his bike through the lemon groves as Jess and I continued to jog along the dirt trail.  I suppose this is private property, but ...  We continued past two creek like divots and then the trail along the fence line dissipated.  We had the option to turn north several times to run out of it towards Telegraph.  However, we decided to retrace our footsteps, back over the bridge and loop Kimball Park to complete our run...

Day 881 * Hike 1106 * Duplicate Track at Arroyo Verde
This was a quick run at home after work.  I attempted to do some Chill Out accounting and then hustled up to Chill Out to work a shift.  This was my first shift in nearly a month and all week I will be returning.  That said, I managed to get some new and decent hikes in between it all.  Stay Tuned...

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