Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 886: Valdez Alley Eastward Park - Ortega Adobe - Simpson Tract Historic District - Spencer Makenzies Fish Company

Thugles inside the Old Water Filtration Building
Inside the Ortega Adobe

Day #886 * Hike #1115 * New Track #872
Valdez Alley Eastward Park - Ventura, CA

Ortega Adobe - Simpson Tract Historic District - Spencer Makenzies Fish Company
Saturday April 20, 2013
My Tripometer:  2.5 Hours * 10 Miles * +150  Feet

 Fish Tacos!!!

Continuing on with our bike ride from Front Street and Ash Street, we found this popular Fish Taco Joint on Thompson.  After our meal, we continued riding...

 Valdez Alley Eastwood Park on Main Street in Downtown

 Ditch the bikes - Trailhead

 Museum beneath us

 I've never been back here...

 Water Filtration Building


 Up top by Poli

We then walked back to our bikes and pedaled over to a bike shop.  Jess's handle bars were loose and the nice guys there tightened her bolts.  This was next to the Ortega Adobe on Main Street.  We passed this earlier in the day and took a break.  I had no idea what this place was; take a look:

 Way Cool - Hidden - Free to the Public!!!

We then began riding through the poverty stricken area of the Avenue.  Jess showed us all the houses that she lived in as a kid...

 Simpson Tract Historic District

 We found our way to the Avenue Trail...

Research my blog and you will find this trail.  It was nice coming back to it.  Don't go the wrong way though or you will end up in a Hobo Camp with guard dogs and cable TV.  All in all, great day, great bike ride and hike!  Still finding new places in the city that I live in that I had no idea of before.  I didn't think that was possible, but today proved it!




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