Thursday, April 4, 2013

Days 858 - 859: She's Back - Coleman Comes Through!

Day #858 - 859 * Hike #1071 - 1072 * Duplicate Tracks
Pleasant Valley Fields - Camarillo & Ventura, California
A Walk through the Cape
Saturday & Sunday March 23 & 24, 2013

 Alyssa: She's Back...

Alot has been going on recently, OMG...  First, the Good News!  After over a year of dealing with a broken arm, Alyssa has come back out to play.  Ironically, the very first team that she faced was a new Ventura Club which included several of her old teammates.

Alyssa sat for all but 5 minutes of the first half and her role was identical in the 2nd half.  Her Camarillo Eagles won the match by a score of 2-1.

 Alyssa takes on Hailey, who was Alyssa's closest friend on the Vipers...

My hike today was waking up early and walking to and from the car to the field several times before finally plopping into my chair for the game.  I accumulated approximately 1.5 miles, which is good enough for this duplicate hike.  Truthfully, I was quite sick.  I just felt miserable and this was a carryover from the day off I took on Friday, which actually had me trekking nearly 10 miles to fight the cold.  Okay, so maybe I do too much hiking but unlike some of my other coworkers, this illness only lasted a few days and did not linger on...

More good news; my Blog reached over 100,000 views!!!  When did that happen?!  Thank You for stopping by, whoever you are.  I hope the hikes help inspire your own unique adventure.

Even Better News!  I entered the Mt. Whitney draft twice but I did not get picked.  Fortunately, a co worker of mine also entered the lotto for August 12th, my Day #1000, and he got picked!  YES!  Thank You!  For Reals!  Thus, it's official.  I will summit Whitney for Day #1000.  Oh Yeah!

**On Sunday, I was still feeling under.  Hmm, I was actually prepared to do a 15 mile trek but due to soccer games and Ayden's reluctant attitude, I ended up playing Tennis, took a duplicate 1.5 mile trek around the Cape in Ventura and then sat in the jacuzzi.  The day had me driving around, watching kids, which by the way is much more tiring than any 10 mile hike....

 Camarillo Eagles Win the Tournament!

Alyssa got more playing time in the remaining 3 games.  Her team won every contest.  Alyssa found her stride and her strike as she helped lift the Eagles to Victory scoring 2 Goals and aiding with 1 Assist.  Well done Sissy!  Glad You Are Back...

***Special thanks to Coleman for all of the great equipment.  I finally have hiking poles!  This could come in handy because there have been several times on long climbs where my legs have cramped up.  I'm not sure how I feel about holding anything, but I will need to plan a test run to see if these are a legit tool that I could use.

I got a head lamp, which could come in handy cause the plan is to begin from the Whitney trailhead while its still dark.  My kids have already used one of the tents and the sleeping bags as they have set up camp on the trampoline in the backyard.  Good Stuff, hope to find more sponsors as well to really help make this experience a rewarding, and less expensive one :)

Ah, and that brings me to the doldrums of reality.  If you have read through this post, you're prolly thinking that I am the happiest camper ever, pun intended.  Truth is, hmm, not on this post.  You'll see.  Will explain why its been over a week since my last post.  Stay tuned, for some details.  Read in between the lines as I will prolly exult these words like Alan Greenspan - gibberish with a purpose...

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