Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Days 864 - 866: Pleasant Valley Park - Johnson Creek Park - College Estates Park - Bedford Pinkard Skate Park - Oxnard College - Two Trees

Day 865: Johnson Creek Park

Day #864 * Hike #1082 * New Track #849
North Victoria - Ventura, California

Friday March 29, 2013
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 3.25 Miles * +825 Feet
 Sunset Over Two Trees

Parking the Rental Car on the next hillside to the east from my house, I hiked down Victoria, trekked along Foothill and then back up Skyline.  I was home long enough to snap this picture of Two Trees and then turned around to do the tough hills in reverse...

Day #864 * Hike #1083 * New Track #850
Pleasant Valley Park to Johnson Creek Park - Oxnard, California
Friday March 29, 2013

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

Leapfrogging again, gradually working my bike to nowhere.  In the dark, these were the highlights of my night.  Pretty creepy walking through these parks at night, but I survived...

Day #865 * Hike #1084 * New Track #851
College Estates Park to Johnson Creek Park - Oxnard, California
Saturday March 30, 2013

My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet

 College Estates Park

I ended up parking the rental car here.  Along with Ayden, we hung out at this park and then took to the streets to hike to my bike, which was parked near Johnson Creek Park...

 Creek Crossing

 Mountain Views - Hines Peak I believe

 Bubble Gum Alley - Nah, S.L.O. has the most legit and colorful gum

 Back to Johnson Creek Park

Ayden Will Climb this Tree - See blogpost title pic
 From here, Ayden and I rode back on the bike to the rental car.  My bike was now parked in a secure location, not really, but the neighborhoods were getting better...
Day #866 * Hike #1085 * New Track #852
College Park - College Estates Park - Oxnard, California
Oxnard College - Bedford Pinkard Skate Park
Sunday March 31, 2013

My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet
After our morning Easter Egg Hunt, back to the battle:
 Trailhead - Near Ives Road

 College Park

 Cool Bridge

 Bedford Pinkard Skate Park

 Oxnard College Ugly Parking Lot

 Very Windy Day
(nothing like the wind we've had over the past couple of days)

Back to College Estates!!!

Day #866 * Hike #1086 * New Track #853
Crestone to Skyline - Ventura, California
Sunday March 31, 2013

My Tripometer: .75 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +625 Feet

 Hiking along Foothill

 Two Trees - The Black Dust Monster from LOST lurks above

 WOW - Too bad these pictures have to be part of this worthless post!

I chose Black & White - There's People up there!!!
***So, at this point I have my CRV parked near Oxnard College, my Bike down by Loma Vista and a Rental Car at home.  Somehow, I manage to hold it all together and keep these hikes going, even if they are not legit trails.  I guess it all depends on what you're looking at because I do see nature on these walks and I am exercising and gaining elevation along the way.  With very little sleep to make this all work, it's no wonder I feel a week+ behind on this blog to update these posts. 
Well, more to come.  It's tax season.  Yeah, I do that to.  Federal, State, Quarterly Sales Tax for Biz, Property Tax, a friends taxes.  Lol, I cant wait until the day I will have to do my children's taxes because you know they will just expect it.  --Breath, it will be okay :)
Oh Oh Oh!!!  I just confirmed the Mt. Whitney trip on August 12th.  We have 4 spots and it looks like I have more than 4 ready to go.  Maybe we set this up with one group back at base camp while the rest of us summit.  Maybe I'm getting carried away, it's not Everest but it will be a challenge.  Possibly, I could auction off one ticket or use it as a way to gain a big sponsor, which is so desperately needed at this point.  Any Takers???

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