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Bumpass Hell - Lassen Volcanic National Park - Sulpher Works

Bumpass Hell - Lassen Volcanic National Park

Thursday August 11, 2016: Day 4 Summer 2016 RV Trip
Bumpass Hell - Lassen Volcanic National Park - Sulpher Works

Honey Lake

From Reno last night, we pulled off at a rest area along Hwy 395 and slept through the night.  In the morning, I embarked on my usual solo walk and discovered the viewpoint over Honey Lake. With the sun not fully above the horizon, I squinted to know if this lake was wet or dry.  Appears to me that this is a dry one for sure.  Well, a stretch in the morning and north we roll...


We came across some random coffee shop in the middle of nowhere.  Perfect way to start the day!  I'll have a scone with that please...

Lake Almanor - Lassen Peak

If I recall correctly, from 395 we headed west on Rt 36 towards Lassen.  I believe the pics above and below are at the north side Lake Almanor.  The vast lake expands for miles to the south...

Welcome to Lassen Volcanic National Park!

Are we in New Zealand???

Sulphur Works

There is a trail from Sulphur Works that goes to a lake (Ridge Lakes - I believe?), but instead we just walked to the bridge, took some pictures and then continued up Rte 89.

Emerald Lake

Nice scenic drive increasing in elevation, you pass this lake in route to the destination...

Balanced Rock

Bumble Bee

hike 3.25 MI ON 8/11/2016



470 ft

Jeremy Jacobus Best Time: 1:56:47
This is a 3.25 mi route in . The route has a total ascent of 470.67 ft and has a maximum elevation of 8,403.25 ft. 

Map Options
Map data ©2016 Google
500 m 
ELEVATION (ft)00.651.31.952.63.2580918178826583528439
8146 FT
8403 FT
470 FT

Lake Helen - a few strides from the Trailhead

Along the Trail - Awesome Vantage Point!

This trail is very easy.  Mild elevation gain and less than two miles to Bumpass Hell!

There She Steams!

Family Marches Ahead while I take Photos!

lol - think I forgot to rotate this one - lets keep it!

And the Trail goes further if you like...

We kept it easy.  However, I got separated from the group.  I found myself lost taking pictures and enjoying Hell while the others skedaddled off.  I gave them their PB&J Sandwiches and figured on rendezvousing by the deck, but by the time I got there, they were long gone.  I hoped they just continued back  to the RV, but was concerned they may have continued up the trail - but they wouldn't do they, would she?  Error - as I was hiking back alone to the Trailhead, I asked several people if they saw my wife and kids.  The answer from all was - NO!  WTH!!!  Although, with no certainty, there were many folks hiking in these parts, so perhaps all were mistaken.

I reached a vantage point of the parking lot and with my camera, zoomed in over a half to the RV.  However, no family in sight???  I scanned the area - nothing! With determination, I furiously marched back to the start and - there they were, on the back side of the RV, just waiting, because I had the keys.  Ha, they were mad at me because I took so long!

***Remember, stick with your group.  Be sure you have a plan, meet up spot, whatever.  No one should be left solo - no matter what.  It's all good though, I had all the water and used to hiking solo -regardless though - abandoning and just assuming will lead to trouble.  Perhaps it was the high elevation irrationality - or maybe it was just my wife. Hmm, no comment on the ladder...

There were many additional trails which could be hiked in this park, including Lassen Peak, who's trailhead is not far from Bumpass Hell.  It would only be a 5+ mile in and out with 2000 feet elevation gain / or something like that.  Either way, we did not do.  Instead, forward March.  We are now back in California, Nevada for this trip is gone for good (we had zig-zagged from state to state several times in route and passed two agricultural stations as well).  
Next stop... Uh, don't remember...  I know we head over to the coast from here and then up to Oregon.  Redwood Trees - Rivers & More...  Stay tuned...

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