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Patrick's Point State Park - Trinidad : Shasta-Trinity National Forest

 Thursday August 11, 2016: Day 4 Summer 2016 RV Trip
Trinity River - Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Mama Deer was around but she did not pose well.  -- Driving down Hwy 299 from Redding to Eureka, Jess spotted a turnoff so we charted off course.  Down this little nothing road, about a mile into it we found this random park with river beach...

It was a blistering hot day and this cool water chilled out the kids.  Awesome find!  This tributary lead out to the main Trinity water flow which weaved through the canyon where the Highway traveled.  There were many one lane road closures along this route so it was nice that we broke it up...

Overlooking the Trinity River from Hwy 299

Heading to Eureka where it "Reeks in Eureka"
Historic Landmark - just south of Eureka

After over 1000 miles of Desert, Mountain, Canyon and River Passes, we finally reached sea level and the all too familiar, Hwy 101!  I had never driven on this stretch and let me tell you, the welcoming party was not there to greet.

The plan was to head north, up to the Redwoods, but since Eureka, a decent size town, was so close, we strolled south to see what this town was all about.  First, it was creepy, creeping along Hwy 101 where the speed limit was only 50 MPH.  It was a wide open stretch, divided highway with the ocean off to the west, but with the sun setting and fog haunting, the feeling was quite eerie.  We later found out that the speed limit was reduced due to such fog and major deadly accidents.

In Eureka, it seemed that the homeless population was 2-1 versus the average citizen.  This was a Walmart town and Walmart was the only place we got out, other than the pic above.  I tried to make the city work.  We drove through their harbor district, I did get out for a moment but it was like the homeless population there turned into zombies and I am Not Legend!  There was some history in the downtown buildings, but isn't that the case with anything, history...  I was in search for the true Pacific Ocean.  The coast here appeared to be the ongoing to the end of world water but there were no waves or slight motion of liquid.  We were told, this was a Bay.  Okay, and the map shows off the water forever, I could not see any break wall or curvature, but, heck, it's Eureka, and it Reeks here...

If you live in Eureka, I am sorry to spill the beans.  I just have to be truthful and there is no desire for this town.  

Into the night, to the North we drove, back past the haunted fog zone.  In the pitch of black, we exited in Trinidad.  My first turnoff was an error, lead down into some water front area, private property, guard told me to get lost.  We were in need of sleep at this point.  We turned down some road that paralleled the freeway for a moment and then the cars were gone, the Redwood Trees came out and pitch of black prevailed over the closed cabin scene.  There were some wooden buildings, restaurants and no vacancies.  Found a parking lot where I pulled off to camp for the night.  Kids and wife were creeped out but I am like, whatever.  About 10 minutes into my underwear fashion show, buried into my pillow, "Knock - Knock - Knock".  Little Donnie, nearly asleep, screamed to the top of his horror movie lungs!  ---All was okay, just the manager from the restaurant telling us to not park there.  She had some balls to approach a dark RV like that.  Perhaps they often see vagabonds from Eureka passing through these parts.  Trinidad is a desirable retreat, unlike the filth-ridden city not too far south.  Good news, lady told me where I could roll too, not far from here.  It was like driving through a black hole, slow - careful, on the straight but narrow and road.  We found a legit destination: Patrick's Point State Park.  It was a campground but rather than roll through the sites, we cuddled up by the Visitor's Center for the night to await eviction or greeting that next morning...

Friday August 12, 2016: Day 5 Summer 2016 RV Trip
Patrick's Point State Park - Trinidad

HIKE 2.88 MI ON 8/12/2016


170 ft

Jeremy Jacobus Best Time: 1:15:17
This is a 2.88 mi route in . The route has a total ascent of 170.78 ft and has a maximum elevation of 355.35 ft.

Map Options

Good Morning.  I began my hike solo but came back to rustle up the crew.  It was still foggy, this area - does the sky ever clear?  Very early in the morning - interesting hike through...

I had to fuss with the saturation and contrast to make the pic above work.  The rim trail treks high on the bluffs.  There are many turnouts and "Points: that one may see.  The campground was cool too.  I would recommend this spot to overnight and leisure day it - but ...

-I am not of rest when I can walk!

lol, these things I come up with on spot and no thought.  Amusing - yet the quotes can be heard around the world - You feel me???

So, we completed the course before the visitor center opened.  Free Parking - Free Camping.  I like that.  I'm no better than Eureka!

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