Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park - Tour Thru Tree

Friday August 12, 2016: Day 5 Summer 2016 RV Trip
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park - Tour Thru Tree

Coast Redwood Trees used to grow North into Canada however nowadays they only grow naturally into Southern Oregon, not far from where we were.  More recently, people have begun cultivating these story telling warriors in Great Britain, Italy and especially New Zealand where the weather is perfect for growth.  However, I do find that odd because New Zealand is proud Not to introduce unnaturals into their habitat.  Hmm...

Tour Thru Tree
From Trinidad, we drove North up the 101.  There is a suggested optional scenic route, but with a thick marine layer, we remained on the highway, bypassing the giant redwoods.  However, the atmosphere opened up just in time for this gimmick - Tour Thru Tree.  We paid the $5 but because we had an RV, we walked thru tree instead...
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

So, the old lady at the tree recommended that we take this next scenic route:

Narrow Drive...

This route just outside of Crescent City would have been amazing, if we weren't in an oversize vehicle!  We only had a 25 foot RV, but that did not matter.  Like a fool, I went through the first set of trees but then around the next bend would have been a near impossible navigation.

Oh My!  Impossible to turn around, I had to back it up and maneuver around the trees I just escaped.  This was not easy and the single lane road honked up a traffic of cars looking at me like I was nuts.  Jess got out of the RV and helped guide me.  She was filming it to, hilarious I guess, wonder if they will use the footage for the TV Show???

We made it out okay and then rerouted our course to Hwy 199.  This would take us back inland up to Grants Pass - Oregon.  However, we found a few spots along the way...

Ruth Perry Hatton Grove

The Nature Trail would have been short and piggybacked up against the backside of the road I intended to travel through earlier.  However, I got out, snapped a few pics and then drove up the road a moment further where Jess found a spot to celebrate the area's best pies!!!  Yum!

Further up the 199, we found a cool park - believe Jedediah something or other...

From the main parking, here is the Smith River and beach area.  Instead, we found a trail that trekked about a half mile where we found a drop off - Our Private Beach:

All the way across, you can stand!  There were spots that ran deeper, but not really.  Current was a non issue.  Kids having fun!

Birds Flying High!

And the trail back to the RV and driving again to our next destination - Cleveland?  Safari?  Africa?  Oregon?  Oh yay, we get it all next...

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