Monday, September 5, 2016

Mono Lake - South Tufa Trail - Inyo National Forest

Mono Lake

Wednesday August 10, 2016: Day 3 Summer 2016 RV Trip
Mono Lake - South Tufa Trail - Inyo National Forest

Mono Mills

Heading down HWY 120 toward 395 from Sage Hen Summit, I pulled into the Mono Mills Historic Site.  It was barely sunrise so while everyone else, but Ayden, was still sleeping, I stepped out for my 2nd solo walk of the day.

Well, Ayden joined me...

If I recall, I seem to remember this place smelling like bubble gum or actually, it smelt like pink cotton candy.  It was a pleasurable smell.  However, I think it had something to do with the fire that had burnt through this area mixed with the fresh pine...

Ah, lets go to the lake and go for a hike!

We drove down from the Mills and stopped at a couple of the overlooks to snap some photos.  Finally, reached the Mono Lake entrance.  For my third walkabout today, I wandered for 20 minutes or so, alone, for a mile + treat of the lake (South Tufa Trail)...

Elevation in 1951: 6410 Feet // Current Elevation: 6378

Over the past 65 years, the Lake elevation has dropped by 32 feet; that's basically 1 foot every other year.  The mean depth of this lake is 56 feet.  Therefore, at this rate, Mono Lake could become a Dry Salt Lake in just over 100 years.  Such is the case for many bodies of water.  What will the future generations do???

Petrified Springs

Jackrabbit - I think I may have ran over some of his cousins the night earlier :(

Finally, after my third hike, the troops decided to wake up.  We drove up a ways, filled up our gas tank and snapped a few pics from HWY 395:

Fire recently roared through here...

Finally on the main highway with plenty of welcoming day light, the voyage to South Lake Tahoe was now in clear sight.  We passed the gas station/diner that Ayden and I stopped out when we hiked through Yosemite, intersection of 120/395 (Tioga Pass).  From here, heading North on 395 would now be a brand new adventure.  I kinda did the reverse L shape driving pattern that I didn't do in my 1000 Days.  Connecting the dots - what will be next...

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