Friday, September 16, 2016

Pac 10? - Eugene - Corvallis - Salem

Salem - Capitol of Oregon

NIGHT WALK 1.59 MI ON 8/12/2016


28 ft

Eugene, OR, United States
Jeremy Jacobus Best Time: 45:20
This is a 1.59 mi route in Eugene, OR, United States. The route has a total ascent of 28.91 ft and has a maximum elevation of 452.72 ft. 

We left the Cleveland Cemetery and drove north.  Initially we were looking for a spot to chill out in the Umqua River, in Cleveland, OR, but since the evening was upon us, we meandered our way to Eugene...

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Voodoo Doughnuts
We first found out about this place many years ago in Portland, OR:

We were thinking about going into Portland on our trip this time as well, specifically for Voodoo Donuts, but Jess searched it on the internet and discovered one in Eugene!  All locations are open 24 hours!  However, this spot was dirty - junky -eew, but didn't stop us from eating some donuts!

So, this walk around Eugene was interesting.  The city was bigger than I thought - kind of like a mini Portland.  Our perception of this place was, well - dirty.  It was busy - some sort of street festival happening here.  Narrow streets, brick layered crosswalks - homeless central.  The stench from some shirtless hooligans smelled like cadavers roaming nomads.  Not sure if that makes sense,but you feel me.  Perhaps it's because I'm a Big 10 guy displaced here in Pac 10 - or is it 12 now, region?

Summary, Eugene is not a place I would recommend, but - they do have a College with a notable track team.  We drove from the downtown area to the campus of Oregon University:

Go Ducks - Boo...
I will say, Steve Prefontaine was a running inspiration for me.  If you have not seen the movie, Without Limits, it is a Must See, especially if you are a runner.  And, this is where he ran:

Saturday August 13, 2016: Day 6 Summer 2016 RV Trip
Corvallis - Oregon State University

That next morning we drove to another Pac Something Team school and I took my usual solo walk, this time around the stadium...

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Reser Stadium - Oregon State University
I was looking for a way in, but could not find one.  They were working on the stadium and by the time I got back towards the RV, I saw Donnie through the fence!  How did he get in there?  He told me he snuck through a fence:

It was a much different vibe here at OSU, no, Not The Ohio State University, but, Oregon State.  The town was nothing like Eugene.  Whereas Eugene is an urban city - Corvallis is a rural suburb situated between Salem and Eugene...

Off to Salem, Oregon; State Capitol...

It's Day 6 of our trip but yet so much to still do!  At this pitstop we walked around a Farmers Market for a while, tried out some food.  Other than the blogpost title picture of the Capitol, the only other picture I chose to share is:

There was one more white fluffy furball that didn't make the cup.  I guess I was looking for witches in Salem.  Instead, we stopped at many of the food vendors and I even had a few shots of Jack!  Yay!

Now that we were all warmed up, onward to the Mt. Hood area!    

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