Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 676: The Wash - Simi Valley (Tapo Canyon to Erringer)

Look into the eye of Goma

Day #676 * Hike #813 * New Track #665
Saturday September 22, 2012
The Wash - Simi Valley, CA
Tapo Canyon Road to Erringer
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 3.75 Miles * +25 Feet

From the 118 Freeway in Simi Valley, exit on Tapo Canyon Road and head south (Note: this is different from the Tapo Rd. exit).  Follow Tapo Canyon for about 1.5 miles and then turn right following the main roadway onto Royal Avenue.  You will see some little league playing fields on your left and at the end of them is an entrance to the wash.  This is where I began today's journey...

 Looking over the dry wash

 Red Ants

 Park on the other side of the wash

 Divert off the bike path here and go under the bridge

 The first sign of water

 Birds of all kind take to it

 Yuck! -- The water flow stops and starts several times.

 Admiring his own reflection

 A confluence of water ways

 Duck! - No, not as in quack, but duck under the bridge

 Just chilling out - Frozen Yogurt anyone?

 Passing another park; again on the wrong side!

 Dress code: All must be dressed in white

 Finally reached Rancho Simi Community Park

Surprise, there was a small fair here today in the park.  From what I could tell, next to nobody was here.  It was still relatively early I suppose, yet I was on my second hike of the day, nearing 8 miles in distance by foot and nearly 100 miles by car.  Growing up, I remember my parents sleeping in on the weekends, relaxing, reading the paper and then garage sales.  Nope, not me - not this family!

The Coaches Daughter
Of course, Rancho Simi Community Park is the home for Ayden's Club Diving that he participates in every Saturday and Sunday.  Although he just ran a rugged 3k race, he was right back up on the spring board jumping away...

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