Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Remember 2011 - Domino - Sciatic Nerve

I just completed a 17 minute video from the end of 2011.  This one is very personal to me. 

...Meanwhile, the hikes continue.  I have nearly a dozen new places to share, some quite exciting.  For now, this is where I've been and I'll sort through the weekend pictures and update the blog on my next opportunity...

Day #’s 678 & 679  Hike #’s 817 & 818
Monday & Tuesday September 24 & 25, 2012
Cross Country Training: Arroyo Verde Park – Ventura, Ca

I self diagnosed my looming injury as a Sciatic Nerve issue.  For months I’ve been confused with various groin pains and normal soreness from all the hikes.  As the groin worked itself out, the centralized pain was just above my buttocks at the end of my tailbone.  Occasionally, shooting pains will travel down my left leg causing numbness and discomfort.

Both of my sisters have had surgery for this and if I had health insurance, I would seriously consider getting it looked at.  Every step I take is a painful one.  It’s even more true when I run, and I do run a lot during the week as I help coach my son in these practices.

I’ve implemented new stretching techniques to help alleviate some of this pain but the best non medicated way to deal with this sciatic issue is to rest.  Well, I do not rest!  I continue to hike/run each day in my quest for 1000!  I’ll probably pay the price later…

Monday included hills, lots of them.  Tough running with the kiddos…

Tuesday it was back to 800 meter runs.  I went out strong and hung with the two fast coaches and fastest kids.  After the 400 meter turn, I felt empty inside as their strides continued as mine pulled up.  They built a bit of a distance and then another kid passed me which placed me in fifth.  This was a timed run and with my competitive spirit, I decided to turn the fast jog into a run to the finish.  For the first time in training I bolted ahead of everyone.  I was running like a freight train breathing heavy.  It was odd, no kids in front, just grass and the trees were fast approaching.  For a moment, I did not think I was going to make it but when I saw the head coach between the trees, I turned it up another notch.  All the way to the end (uphill) I clocked in at 2:55, good enough for first place!

Why did I do this; I couldn’t tell you.  I just did.  Normally I run, find a kid and then help push them to the end with a faster sprint.  Today, it was for me and I opened it up.  After a brief rest, round two began.  I jogged this one slowly.  Then, round three, torture!  I ran with my son and we each crossed in about 4:30. 

And you wonder why I have a sciatic nerve problem?

Day 680  Hike 819
Wednesday September 26, 2012
Camino Real Park

Today was just an easy day with the dogs going to the dog park.  I walked my mile…  I limped my mile….

Day 681  Hike 820
Thursday September 27, 2012
Kimball Park

Another week of duplicate trails.  This means my weekends have to be stepped up to stay on pace for 1000 Locations…

Today, the VC Express competed with the local middle schools in a 3k event.  Peyton, from the Ventura Mighty Vipers, crossed the finish line first for the ladies.  Sophia, another former Viper star finished 6th in that race.  Both girls still play on the new Club Version of the Vipers without Alyssa.  Their season is going pretty well with about a .500 record.

Now for the boys.  Ayden ran through the course and I ran across the uneven tall grass to push him at different intervals.  I accumulated at least a mile while he ran his 1.8.  I can say that I ran most of the 1 mile on new surface but to me, it wouldn’t warrant calling it a New Track #.

Day 682  Hike 821
Friday September 28, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park

Climbing approximately 400 feet, I walked Sammi around the trails to accumulate 2.5 miles.  I’m fully dedicated to hiking each day, regardless of this issue that is now haunting all of my thoughts and nerves…

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