Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 698: Puddingstone Lake - Frank G. Bonelli Park - Puddingstone Dam - Mount Baldy - San Antonio Mountain - Raging Waters - San Dimas

Mount Baldy rises above Puddingstone Lake

Day #698 * Hike #840 * New Track #677
Sunday October 14, 2012
Puddingstone Lake - Puddingstone Dam - San Dimas, CA
Frank G. Bonelli Park - Raging Waters
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 5.5 Miles * +150 Feet
 Park Entrance

We actually turned around where you see the sign above.  We were lost and confused and somehow drove into a busy Fairplex parking area.  Finally we figured it out and here is the suggested directions:  From the 57 Freeway between the 10 & the 210, exit at Via Verde and immediately park in the FREE lot next to the off ramp.  This is a park and ride area.  From here we pedaled our bikes into the park... 

 Ayden relaxing after his Mt. Sac run...

We rode our bikes in the street to the East Shore entrance and then turned left to the lake.  We chilled out with the ducks and geese for a bit by the pier and then continued onward with our biking...

 Across the lake

 Nice bike trail with Mt. Baldy in view

 Mt. Baldy - San Antonio Mountain

The mountain was calling my name all day.  From Mt. Sac, no doubt named after this 10,000 foot peak - and now at Puddingstone.  I climbed Baldy many years ago and here I am so close...
 This was an enjoyable bike ride and we hiked quite a bit too!

 Closing in on the dam

Raging Waters - but it's closed?
Well, I guess the Summer season is over.  Today the temperature was about 95 degrees and it was a weekend.  You'd think the water park would be open but I guess it's no different from Geauga Lake in Cleveland - closed...
We were finally making good use of Ayden's birthday present, his Mountain Bike.  He didn't like when we ditched the bikes to walk the required mile for a hike, but overall, good times today...


  1. I'm surprised you didn't go to the Fountain of Youth trail at Bonelli Park. Its actually hidden near the off ramp before you reach the park. It has a cool waterfall and a walking trail that takes about 30 minutes to complete...unless you want to continue into the underground tunnel for another 2 miles.

  2. Fountain of Youth! Waterfall! Underground Tunnel!!!
    If I recall, I believe I did see the Waterfall. The pics that I took did not come out very well. I believe it was near the Puddingstone Dam sign as seen in the pic above. However, I do not recall seeing signs for the trails that you mentioned. We were just sort of exploring and we circled most of the lake.

    This calls for a revisit to the area, one day :) Thanks for the insight!




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