Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 704: Saddletree Ranch - Stetson Ranch Park

Don't slip or you will become a Plinco piece from the Price is Right!

Day #704 * Hike #849 * New Track #682
Saturday October 20, 2012
Saddletree Ranch - Sylmar, CA
Stetson Ranch Park
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +100 Feet
 Saddletree Ranch Trailhead at Glenoaks Blvd.

 The horse trail heading west...

The trail also went back to the east and I assumed that the eastward trail would have met up with Wilson Canyon Park where we were at earlier.  So, Ayden and I began to pedal down this horse route to the west.  About a quarter mile late, we ended up at some stables and a dead end.  We turned back and then drove around looking for a legit place to hike or bike...  This was not considered a hike because it was too short and no actual hiking!

 Open Space Trailhead Found!!!

Where Balboa Blvd crosses the I-5 to the north, wrapping above the 210 freeway, we turned down Silver Oaks.  The street had some industrial buildings including MB2, an indoor go kart track.  We have one of these in Newbury Park but told Ayden that it was closed.  Gullible boy, he believed me.  A bit further down Silver Oaks, the street kind of ends, but not really.  It looks like they will be building homes out here eventually.  The street was paved and we took it to this open space.

 Ayden jumping over the ditch!

Open Space...
We came in through a difficult part therefore we did not bring our bikes.  We ended up looping back around this road and if I would have known it was there, I would have taken the bikes back out to explore further.  This seems like an interesting area to explore and if I lived up this way, I would be stomping through it.  However, as a tourist it's not that groovy so we decided to head back to the car to look for another spot...

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