Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 677: The Presidential Library - "A Threat to National Security" - Ronald Reagan Library

Air Force One

Day #677 * Hike #814 * New Track #666
Sunday September 23, 2012
The Presidential Library - Simi Valley, CA
Ronald Reagan Library
"A Threat to National Security"
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +125 Feet


From the 23 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, exit on Olsen and head east a couple of miles towards Simi Valley.  You will see signs for the Presidential Library.  Turn left and drive all the way to the top of the hill...

 Woodranch Reservoir?

 The Presidential Library

 Mt. McCoy - The Cross

There really was no trail up here.  I went up, took a few snapshots and came right back down.  I then walked around the parking lot and toward the back of the museum...

 Looks like there is a trail down there?

 I hopped a fence...

 I found myself inside the museum

 ...I was kicked out (a threat to National Security)

My goal today was to hike to the Cross from here.  When I hiked to the cross, the trail continued in this direction.  There is no evident hiking route from the Presidential Library Parking lot, but lower along the hill I found a closed off road, probably an Edison road.  I'd guess that would be the route to take to the cross from here.  That said, there is no reasonable place to park down there.  Moreover, I wouldn't want to take my chances doing anything illegal here.  I was actually scared that the Secret Service might be on to my plot, to hike the Presidential Library :)...

**HIKE 815:

After my Simi Valley Hike, I met up with the family in Camarillo to watch Alyssa in action with the Eagles.  Before the game started, Ayden and I left for a 1.5 mile hike to Swirl, a Frozen Yogurt Shop.  We hopped a fence and created a hike through the condos.  However, the new distance added up to under a mile thus it is not considered a new track.  After the sweet treat, we found an easier way back to the soccer fields...

I think we lost this game? ---

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