Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 690: Hammond's Meadow Trail - Montecito Beach - Eucalyptus Lane

Along the Hammond's Meadow Trail

Day #690 * Hike #830 * New Track #672
Saturday October 6, 2012
Hammond's Meadow Trail - Montecito, CA
Eucalyptus Lane - Montecito Beach
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1 Mile * +25 Feet
 Hammond's Meadow Trailhead

 Beach Access

From the 101 Freeway in Montecito, exit on San Ysidro and turn toward the ocean.  This will be a 750 foot drive across the train tracks on Eucalyptus Lane.  At the end of the street, there is public parking.  If this is full, there are more spaces by the train tracks.

 Before sundown, Ayden, Sammi and I took a walk down Hammond's

Ayden wanted to go to the beach so I jumped off on every exit after Carp looking for a new spot.  Finally, we discovered this location.  Rather than immediately take the beach access, I convinced Ayden that there would be a better beach at the end of this walk.

 We found a Beach!

The trail is no more than a quarter mile in length.  It leads out to the bridge that you see above and takes you right to the beach.  I wanted to explore this dry waterway but Ayden was ready to take a dip.  The beach opened up toward Santa Barbara but we decided to walk back across the rocks toward where we parked.  Hey, it's a loop trail at high tide.  Tricky footing but overall, not too bad!


 Sunset on to the west towards Santa Barbara

 Sammi relieves herself as we walk back to Eucalyptus Lane

Abandoned vacation homes
There were many vacation homes along this beach.  Ayden jumped in the water while I did some exploring.  This is a way cool, nearly private new area.  I left plenty of beach real estate on the table so I will be coming back here to explore further...

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