Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 711: Oak Canyon Community Park

VC Express Bantam Boys at the starting line for the 3k race!

Day #711 * Hike #859 * New Track #689
Saturday October 27, 2012
Oak Canyon Community Park - Oak Park, CA
My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 3 Miles * +100 Feet

The walk-thru...

Follow the driving directions from Day 196: Oak Canyon Community Park. I can't believe it's been over 500 days since I've been here... --I did hike around and over this park on Day 270: Rock Ridge Open Space.  I first discovered this area on Day 107: Lindero Public Recreational Trail.  **I could go on all day; all these trails connect and the Chumash Indians were the ones who first trekked them.  Today, I walk along some familiar trails and then dipped down by the creek where I had not yet visited - hence, a new track...

This way...

It's an interpretive trail - perfect for the family...

Fresh Water Source

The pond - Check out my previous posts for awesome duck pics


 I've hiked up there before - not today!

Ayden and Noah approaching the final stretch

It was another fun run for Ayden.  We just made the decision to take him to Nationals which will be held in South Carolina on December 1st.  Although he doesn't stand a chance in this race, the experience will be priceless.  This will also be our last chance to take a vacation before the Chill Out Frozen Yogurt shop opens so we extended the trip to 10 days!  We'll be climbing the highest peaks in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.  Okay, so the highest peak is like 3000 feet and I'm pretty sure you can drive it; nevertheless - my goal is to climb all 50 highest peaks in 50 states with Ayden!  Jess and Alyssa will be with us for these four easy ones.  Stay tuned...

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