Friday, November 16, 2012

Days 722 - 724: Ralph Foy Park - Burbank - Belmont Olympic Plaza & My Birthday

Sunset at Long Beach on my Birthday

Day #722 * Hike #874 * New Track #695
Wednesday November 7, 2012
Ralph Foy Park - Burbank Roller Hockey - Burbank, CA
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

 Ralph Foy Park
(Off of Hollywood Way near Vanowen)

Burbank Roller Hockey

See, you just never know what you're going to find when you go outside.  I was early for an appointment in Burbank so I took the moment to hike around at the local park.  I ran across a field where kids were practicing soccer and on the far side was a hockey ring.  Pretty cool... 

Sworn to secretcy, I quickly dashed back collecting my minimal mile plus and shh, I can't tell you why I was in Burbank...

Day #723 * Hike #875 * New Track #696
Thursday November 8, 2012
Ventura High School - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +25 Feet

I can't believe this is my first visit to Ventura High School since starting my 1000 Day Journey!  Today, the VC Express practiced on the track.  I wan with the kids in two separate 1k runs.  Here are my times, for the record:

  • 1.28.71 400 meter
  • 1.48.52 400 meter  --  3.17.23 800 meter
  • .49.21 200 meter -- 4.06.44 1000 meter

  • 1.34.84 400 meter
  • 1.44.39 400 meter -- 3.19.23 800 meter
  • .42.44 200 meter -- 4.01.67 1000 meter
**Lol, these times are hardly excellent but it is a good workout running them back to back like this.  I basically ran a 2k in 8 minutes, not too shabby.

Day #724 * Hike #876 * Duplicate Track
Friday November 9, 2012 -- Happy 38th Birthday to ME!!!
Belmont Olympic Plaza  -  Long Beach, CA
My Tripometer: 6 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +0 Feet

Ayden returns to Long Beach

The good news was, I got to leave work early on my Birthday to watch Ayden compete in Diving at the club level.  Unfortunately, the whole program was delayed so his two events occupied roughly six hours of the afternoon and evening..

Time to hike along the promenade
(duplicate hike for my birthday)

Ayden warming up
**Ayden didn't fair so well in this tournament.  He was jumping from the 3 meter for the very first time in competition.  For the last few months, we have been driving out to Simi Valley every weekend where Ayden has been coached at the club level by a former Olympic diver.  Her name is Nancy something?  Unfortunately her coaching style doesn't work too well on Ayden.  She is pretty laid back and Ayden takes advantage of it by laying around instead of diving.  End result, Ayden finished very low in the competition.
This is a shame!  He won the gold medal several months ago at the rec level and he does expose a great potential.  This will not be the last you hear about Ayden's diving.  In fact, we drove back up to Long Beach the very next day.  Next Post...

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