Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 725: Signal Hill - Panorama Promenade

The Nothing!
Day #725 * Hike #878 * New Track #698
Saturday November 10, 2012
Signal Hill - Panorama Promenade - Long Beach, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.25 Miles * +100 Feet

 Oil Based Coffee

 The top of Signal Hill
 Ayden Flying a Kite with Aunt Julie


From Long Beach, we drove up to the top of Signal Hill where Ayden and Aunt Julie thought it would be cool to fly a tent in the high winds.  Well, it was pretty cool, but it was actually much colder than that.  For me, I decided to wander around to see if I could somehow stretch this experience into a hike.  At first I ran around the sidewalk beneath the hill but at best I only accumulated an eight of a mile.  I then decided to venture further up and then back down the road where it dead ended at:

The Panorama Promenade

Perfect!  I began to run along the cement path.  I passed up locals walking dogs and several others on bike and foot.  I stopped along the way to take some pics but with no light, forget about it.  The whole route only lasts about a quarter mile.  I stretched the in and out to about 3/4's of a mile.  When I got back to the car, everyone was wondering where I went?  Sorry folks, just another hike and I had to be sure it was at least a mile.  It was indeed, Nice views, and real nice up here to escape the commotion of Long Beach...

***Vino Alan Update:
Day #725 * Hike #879 * New Track #699
**I posted a hike in Hollywood where I met Vino Alan.  After this Signal Hill hike, we drove up to Hollywood.  Thus, I can finally state for the record that Vino Alan represents New Track #699.  I am now 27 days or nearly a month off target of hitting my 1000 New Track Goal in 1000 Days.  I am a little worried about this, but as long as I keep hiking everyday, it's aight...

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