Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 739: Rocky Peak Park - Rocky Peak Trail

Rocky Peak Trailhead
Day #739 * Hike #898 * New Track #709
Saturday November 24, 2012
Rocky Peak Park - Rocky Peak Trail - Simi Valley, CA
My Tripometer: 1  Hour * 2.25 Miles * +550 Feet
 Hike #897: Ayden practicing with the Comets at Corriganville

Ayden ran about 4k today.  I joined him for the warmup run and then wandered around taking pictures with my New Camera!!!  Ugh, technology is so amazing yet so frustrating!  I'm one of those hard headed people who refuses to be taught anything.  Thus, I learn as I go and I cannot figure out how to convert the GPS map to this blog....

***The Rocky Peak Trail....
After an hour stay at Corriganville, Ayden and I ate at the Old Susanna Cafe.  This was now my third visit to the cafe and I must say that my impression has improved from the first review, which I wrote very negatively.  After an early lunch, we proceeded up Santa Susanna Pass and parked at Rocky Peak to begin our hike...

 Ayden does cartwheels up the trail

 King of the Mountain!

 Awesome Rock Formations
Reminded me of being in the Alabama Hills outside Mt. Whitney...


 Better Views!


 Ayden inside the cave

 I'm inside the cave :)

 The Hummingbird Trail Junction

This trail heads to the west back toward Kuehner Rd in Simi, however we continued up the Rocky Peak Trail.  There are multiple off tracks to explore but we remained on the main route which is easy to find.  Just keep going up the most likely way and you'll be fine...

 When Ayden reached this point, he said we're done!

The trail goes on forever!  This is confirmed based on the GPS map that pinged up on my computer.  I wish I could share it here but I haven't figured that out yet.  I am so bummed about it - you have no idea!

There were many people hiking and biking out here.  This is a very popular trail and now I see why.  I can literally come up here every day for a month and I would not be able to trek every possible route.

At this point, we ventured down a conspicuous single track route to climb some rocks.  Many other adventurists were doing this in different spots.  Check out our secret hideout...

 A view of the valley - Topanga Canyon and San Fernando...

Ayden's Chill Out Spot

We wandered around and found an alternate way back to the main trail.  I really wish I had more time out here but Ayden was beat from the practice.

**So look, I am going out of town for 10 days!!!  I likely will not update my hikes until December 10th...  Assuming all goes as planned, I'll be climbing the highest peaks in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida.  Lol, these should all be very easy.  I will be taking to the outdoors every single day on this trip.  Nothing should be extremely difficult but at least we'll be trekking along new places.

Hopefully one of these days I'll pick up a sponsor, <~wink, wink, and then the real challenge will begin.  That said, it really is quite challenging to hike every single day without a break.  It's very time consuming and my legs are normally in a lot of pain.  --I need more elevation gain to keep this legit.  I don't think I'll be finding much of that in Florida.  So, when I get back, Mt. Baldy anyone??? 

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