Thursday, November 15, 2012

Days 718 - 721: Hiking around Simi Valley with Ayden Jacobus!

Ah - Grashopper!

Day #718 * Hike #868 * Duplicate Track
Saturday November 3, 2012
Corriganville- Simi Valley, CA
The Comets!
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +500 Feet

 The Southern California Comets - Bantam Boys

The VC Express Cross-Country Season is essentially over.  However, the top 16 boys throughout the region received automatic bids to compete at Nationals.  Ayden was not one of those top 16 runners yet we signed him up as unattached to compete with the best.  Welcome to the Southern California Comets! 

 Ayden got off to a strong start but the boys were just too darn fast

Hey, at least it was a scenic run...

It really was an awesome morning for running.  We skipped the walk thru because we've competed at Corriganville before.  I took the opportunity to scatter around and take pictures for a duplicate hike.  Now that Ayden is qualified to run in Nationals, I've finalized plans to take the trip to South Carolina for the event on December 1st.  In fact, we are turning this into a 10 day adventure and you bet there will be some awesome outdoor adventures along the way...

Day #718 * Hike #869 * New Track #693
Saturday November 3, 2012
Challenger Park - Simi Valley, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2 Miles * +125 Feet


**If you search for Local Hikes and select Simi Valley, you will find the driving directions for Challenger Park.  **You will also find them for Corriganville (I'm being lazy).

 New Track today - I took the low road

 So I passed through this intersection 4 times

In the picture above, you'll be coming down the trail on the right side of the pic.  At first I turned left (right in this picture) down a single track trail.  It went down to a dry creek and then back up to the property lines.  There was a fence and horses but I left it alone.  I rounded back through the thick and the trail looped back to here.

I then turned left (or straight from the trailhead).  Essentially, walk to where I am taking this picture!  It's a narrow, faint single track trail but it goes somewhere, sorta...

 Through the woods, and then follow along the creek

 You can go up there or keep heading down the barely trail

 Through the thick with my shorts on!

I didn't go much further than this picture.  Kinda boring and with shorts, forget about it.  So, I went back to the intersection, climbed up the hill and met the trail that I hiked on a couple weeks ago.  I then went back down and headed out to the car.

I think I am over Challenger Park.  However, there appears to be miles of upper trails and I have a hunch that there must be another trailhead for them, somewhere...

Back Dive with a Half Twist

**Back in time to pick Ayden up from Diving...

Day #718 * Hike #870 * Duplicate Track
Saturday November 3, 2012
Kimball Park - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 3 Miles * +50 Feet

Jess and I determined that Ayden left too much out on the Corriganville run.  So, we took a night run at Kimball Park.  Alyssa joined us on a bike and we all started off in stride together.  However, Ayden's shoe came untied during the first quarter mile and the whole run was mostly inconsistent.  I will say, Ayden finally did come through and completed the 2.5 mile distance just behind my wife.  Of course she waited for him but I think if he wanted to, he could beat her in that distance.  As for me, the first two miles were so slow that I decided to RUN the final 800 meters.  I completed it 3:05; not bad considering I had just jogged two miles!

Day #719 * Hike #871 * New Track #694
Sunday November 4, 2012
The North End of Sequoia Road  - Simi Valley, CA
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1.25 Miles * +150 Feet

 Trailhead - Climb the hill!

 On top of the hill, the open space opens up!

 This is quite steep going down


We circled back to the left but the world opened up to the right and there are trails out here to conquere.  Instead, we looped around, tramped over some private property and worked our way back to the car where Jess & Alyssa were waiting.  --We were now on our way to watch Ayden's final Dive Practice before his tournament in Long Beach...

Day #720 & 721 * Hike #872 & 873 * Duplicate Track
Monday & Tuesday November 5 & 6, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park  - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +200 Feet

With the time change, practices have been getting shorter.  Although the VC Express season is over, we are still having practices.  I will explain more next time.  **Oh, and my weight is down to 205ish now.  I'm a good 15 pounds lighter since joining the team!

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