Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 738: Sunset Plaza and Hollywood!

A man jump ropes at the Equinox while Jess and I eat Gelato

Day #738 * Hike #895 * New Track #707
Friday November 23, 2012
Sunset Plaza - Hollywood, CA

My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 2.25 Miles * +275 Feet

 We ate some nachos at Poquito Mas

La Cienega and Sunset in Hollywood.

We were on our way back from the equipment store lugging two heavy packs of pans on the bike.  The ride was awful!  Jess sat between one of the bags and me.  My ballsh were squished and the ride was very painful!  I was not looking forward to the long ride home later so we chilled out on Sunset for awhile.

We've been to Poquito Mas before on Ventura Blvd and the food here is legit for sure!  I was hoping to have a beer with my nachos but for some reason, no alcohol served at this location :(

After our appetizer, Jess and I marched across the street to a parking lot.  I was enticed by the possible hiking opportunities and views here.  However, the hillside was obstructed by trees and buildings and the camera did not capture a good return.  We then took to the streets...

 Entering the Sunset Plaza area...

 Ohhh - Ahhh - Pretty :)

 We enjoyed margaritas at this Mexican lounge - very nice

Eating gelato on Santa's Sleigh...

**Afterward we hiked up into the hills, along the road.  A good idea to walk off some of the liquid intake before the long ride home.  After twenty minutes or so of wandering, we grouped back to the bike and went for a ride.

We rode up into the Hollywood Hills, but this wasn't easy given our situation on the bike.  When we finally came back down, I was ready for another drink and convinced Jess to go on another hike...

Day #738 * Hike #896 * New Track #708
Friday November 23, 2012
Hollywood - Hollywood, CA

My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 2.5 Miles * +0 Feet

 VIP Parking!

 Walking along a new portion of the Hollywood Strip...



 Made our way back over to the Kodak Theatre

 There was no Cash Game Show out here today

Hey, wonder if Vino visited the Vino Bar...

I approached a street hot dog vendor and asked if the hot dogs were a dollar.  She said, "a dollar", so I said, "I'll take one with everything on it".  Jess snapped a picture with her phone and I need to bribe her to forward that pic to this blog.  Anyhow, I hadn't had one of these street hot dogs since Rosarito....

Before Ayden was born, Jess and I left at midnight from Thousand Oaks to drive all the way down to Mexico for the weekend.  This trip had many memorable experiences however I will only share the hot dog story for this post.

We partied at some random club on our final night and with only $5.00 left in my pocket, we left the club.  It was 1:00am, we were slightly sauced and hungry.  I spent $2.00 for 2 hot dogs; one for me and one for jess.  Those dogs were so good that I gave up my final $3.00 for three more hot dogs!  Umm!!!  With a fully tummy, we began our drive all the way back to Thousand Oaks.  Just barely, we had enough gas in the tank.  Man, those days were so crazy...

Anyhow, back to the present in Hollywood, I gave the gal a dollar bill.  She said $4.00.  Unfortunately, I literally only had $1.00 in cash.  I live in the plastic credit card world and I very rarely carry any cash.  I pulled some change out of my pocket and negotiated my Four Dollar Hot Dog for a Buck fourty-eight.

She was Mad, but what can you do.  She said "ATM", I responded, no hablo ingles.  ***I hate foreign ATM Machines (I bet you thought I was going somewhere else with that...)  At Mt. Sac last month, the parking attendant said $3.00 but I only hade $2.28 in change.  He would not accept this!  So, I had to drive five miles back to the gas station to use the ATM.  I eventually paid the guy in all pennies because this was stupid!!!

My total bill, $2.50 ATM Charge plus an additional $4.50 ATM Charge not to mention the $2.50 in gas that I spent going back and fourth.  Thus, the total price for the $3.00 parking was $12.50.  At least Ayden still got to his meet on time that day and yes I feel slightly bad that the girl does not know English well and I cheated her out of a couple bucks, yet, at least she still got a sale.  The hot dogs on the street of Hollywood look like they've been around for awhile.  Normally, those street hot dogs are only good outside of a club.  Ugh, I'm too old for this.  I need to go on a real hike away from all this commotion...

To conclude our hike today, we went up and down many random streets.  We found a couple of bars and quenched my thirst before finally saddling back on the bike.  I rode home Fast!  Jess was cold, my balsh were smooshed and zoom zoom, under an hour to VTA from Hollywood.  Good Night...

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