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Day 717: The Back Road to Two Trees - Beyond the Radio Towers - Cows at Arroyo Verde Park

The Back Road to Two Trees

Day #717 * Hike #867 * New Track #692
Friday November 2, 2012
The Back Road to Two Trees - Beyond the Radio Towers - Ventura, CA
Cows at Arroyo Verde Park 
My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 7.5 Miles * +1000 Feet
 Snake Skin in my back yard
Today's plan was to drive to Arroyo Verde Park and then hike to the radio towers from rattlesnake canyon.  However, there was a cross-country meet, not with VC Express, and I could not enter the park.  Instead, I drove back to my house and Sammi and I left from Skyline.
 The Radio Towers are on the upper left hillside...
**I was dismissed early from work today so I took the extra hour to extend this hike.  I've hike to the towers several times in my 1000 Day journey but today's goal was to go beyond.  Let's just get there first...
 Across the Bridge
 A notso Shortcut across the fire zone
If you do go this way, you are probably better off trekking through the roads in the avocado orchard.  They will zigzag you down to a road and eventually back up to the radio towers.  Going through this fire zone ends in a cliff, which Sammi and I carefully dropped down.
Although you start off at a higher elevation on Skyline, you will actually gain more total elevation gain this way to the towers, not to mention doubling your distance.  It's far easier to climb the narrow single track trail off the Wall Trail in Arroyo Verde to reach the same point.
 Heading on up...
 We made it, but this is just the beginning...
 We will eventually be coming down that road through the canyon...
 The road leading to the far back country
 Sammi took a bath in cow manure - I hate when she does this!
 The City of Ventura - Most people haven't seen...
 A Secret Life exists back here
 The intersection, we hopped the fence and headed back toward the ocean
 Hazy day, but otherwise amazing
 Two Trees above the trail we are headed down
The perception from the radio towers appears higher than Two Trees.  From there, the road is full of manure but gently drops down to this spot.  I used my cross country skills to jog most of it...
 The Secret Oil Industry - I believe part of School Canyon off the Ave?
 Three trees in the Valley
I first spotted these trees on one of my adventures to Two Trees.  I imagined one day that I would hike down to the canyon floor to reach them.  Well, today was the day!
 Uh OH - Road Block!
 This has happened before, but with the sun setting, we pushed ahead
We pushed a whole heard ahead.  Sammi was charging them but I felt bad about this so I called her back.  The cows naturally kept moving forward back towards foothill.  The one in front of us here fell at one point and she looked pregnant.  There was no way around them and I did not want to get trampled.  Last time I was out this way I spotted a bull...
 ...And I'm wearing Red!!!
An escape route...
This was a long hike, but I shortened it up with all the jogging.  Even once you get back towards Foothill you will have to trek a good distance just to reach the park.  Sammi and I found this little nifty opening to avoid going all the way back up and above the park, which would lead you to narrow steep trail back down.  Instead, we walked along the street for 50 feet and then back into the park to run up the Caretakers Trail.
Loop Complete - What's for Dinner?

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