Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 657: San Clemente Beach Trail - Pier Bowl Trail Head - North Beach- Tandem Bike Ride

A surfer nearly crashes in to the San Clemente Pier

Day #657 * Hike #784 * New Track #648
Monday September 3, 2012
San Clemente Beach Trail - San Clemente, CA
Pier Bowl Trail Head - North Beach- Tandem Bike Ride
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 8 Miles * +225 Feet

 Here I am on a Tandem bike with the instructor
(I'm in back)

 Looking out over San Clemente Pier

 San Clemente Beach Trailhead (North Beach)

Find your way to San Clemente and look for the beach :)?

We drove in, saw the bike rental shop on the corner and decided, why not?  Ayden and Kaitlyn already had their bikes so Jess and I agreed to the tandem...

 Walk about 3 football fields across this narrow boardwalk

 Pier Bowl Trail Head

 Hiking the pier

 Plenty of surfing going on...

 I'm the guy in Orange!

 Water temp 65; it was over 70 yesterday in Dana Point!

 We had to walk our bikes down this path too...

 The hike/ride lasted about three miles...

From here, we took to the streets.  It was a long agonizing ride up the hill from the parking lot.  Kaitlyn had to walk her bike.  From there, we followed a well marked bike path through the streets of San Clemente.  It was very hilly and eventually it brought us directly back to where we started.  Perfect!  We still had some time left so we pedaled down the street with the beach front mobile homes...

 Ended at a fence, no beach access...

San Clemente Casino
We found the old casino in town across the street from the 7-11.  We played some lotto, lost, and ate ice cream.  It was a great way to start the day but now we had to drop off the bikes and meet up with Alyssa in Irvine... 

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  1. You took great pictures. I am actually looking at a San Clemente Beach house rental, that is how I came across this post. I want to surprise my boyfriend with a Christmas vacation. We have never left the east coast so this should be fun. Thanks for sharing!



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