Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 663: Long Beach - Long Beach - Queen Mary

Welcome Back to Long Beach

Day #663 * Hike #795 * New Track #656
Sunday September 9, 2012
Long Beach - Long Beach, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.25 Miles * +0 Feet
 A fire off the 405!

 Searching for Aunt Julie and the kids...

Somewhere in Long Beach, take Junipero all the way to Ocean and park at the beach.  Here you go...
 Not realizing it at the time - that's Queen Mary in the distance...

 Where are those damn kids!

 Interesting wall built into the hill

 And the beach goes on; to the west???

 That's Belmont Pier, to the east???

A ship miles out, was blurry but look at the Flag!
So, our long Sunday concluded with a ride out to Long Beach.  Jess and I were meeting with Alex, the restaurant guy where we are buying our equipment from for the Chill Out spot.  My sister Julie lives in Long Beach and she agreed to watch the kids while Jess and I worked out the deal.  Julie left me a text message stating that she would be at this beach.  Jess thought she may be to the east, and maybe I did to but I wanted to explore.  The half hour stroll of exploring was good enough for a New Track, fine by me :)  At this point, I have most of the beach front covered from San Clemente all the way up to Santa Barbara.  Sure, there are a few random spots that I have not hiked along but today proved to narrow that gap.

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