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Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 676: College of the Canyons

Ayden at the Starting Line

Day #676 * Hike #812 * New Track #664
Saturday September 22, 2012
College of the Canyons - Santa Clarita, CA
My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 2.75 Miles * +150 Feet
 The walk-thru

From the I-5 in Santa Clarita, I believe you exit at Valencia Blvd or Road and the college will be just up the road on the right.  The cross country run begins on pavement and then travels along the dirt trail...

 One of the girls found some acorns

 So far, nice course...

 Crossing over a dry wash...

 approaching a deadly cross-country hill

 Imagine running up this - and racing for nearly 2 miles...

 Overlooking the course...

It was all downhill from here.  You run back to the pavement and then another half mile down a gradual grade to the stadium.  You finish with a 100 meter sprint on the track.  Personally, I would have loved this competition but this wasn't my race.  The course was very favorable with exception of the nasty 75 foot double climb.

For my tripometer, I increased this mileage because I was running around taking photos of Ayden and cheering him on, etc.  It was mid morning and our day was just getting started.  Ayden finished his 3k run in over 16 minutes; 2 minutes slower than last week.  For now, he hasn't found his running groove and motivation but he is getting better.  Bottom line, the work out is great for him long term...

...and he seems to enjoy it :)

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