Friday, September 7, 2012

Days 651 - 654: Chill Out Frozen Yogurt - Moranda Park - Hueneme Beach Park

Hueneme Beach Park
Day #654 * Hike #775 * New Track #639
Friday August 31, 2012
Moranda Park - Hueneme Beach - Port Hueneme, CA
Chill Out Frozen Yogurt! 
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet
Moranda Park
...A couple of days earlier we viewed a comercial property with a for rent sign in the window on the corner of Port Hueneme Rd and Ventura Rd.  Today we came back and made it official; we signed the lease!  We are opening up a frozen yogurt shop in Port Hueneme!  The name is: Chill Out Frozen Yogurt ... and Panani's!
I turned today's signing into a hike around the neighborhood.  Moranda Park is just across the street.  It's a small little nothing park but it rests less than a quarter mile away from Hueneme Beach...
 Hueneme Pier

Sunset over Port Hueneme Naval Base
So, this is actually happening!  I am excited and scared at the same time.  It's a big risk but it will fill a void in the community.  We are ovehauling an old belt buckle store and transforming it into a Chill Out Zone!  We anticipate opening by December 1st if everything goes as planned!!!
***Rewind the week:
Day #651 * Hike #773 * Duplicate Track
Tuesday August 28, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park - Ventura, CA 
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2 Miles * +100 Feet

Back to cross-country training with my son.  This was a day after the fire and the park was open for business.  Some hardcore running; just another day at the park...

Day #652 * Hike #774 * Duplicate Track
Wednesday August 29, 2012
Ormond Beach - Oxnard, CA 
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet
I was in the area and decided to cool off near the ocean on this duplicate track.  My wife and I were checking out a storefront.  More to come...
Day #653 * Hike #774 * Duplicate Track
Thursday August 30, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park - Ventura, CA 
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 2 Miles * +250 Feet
The highlight of this cross-training session was the 200 meter sprints up the asphalt in the back of the park to the water tower.  On the 6th and final sprint, I gave it all I had.  I nearly puked and walked woundedly back to base...


  1. Dude no one wants your broken tent and treasures, money or not. Shame on you for ruining a natural place and teaching your kids that behavior is okay. I hope that is not typical of you, it's up to people who love these places to protect them. Having been there In recent years I can assure you people like yourself have continued to trash it. I'll be sure to check for a broken tent next time.



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