Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 446: Conejo Peak -- Day 445: Straheam Historical & Stargaze Parks


Day #446 * Hike #502 * New Track #456
Friday February 3, 2012
Conejo Peak - Westlake Village, CA

My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 5 Miles * +1800 Feet

Horse Trail to Conejo Peak

Although there were no "No Tresspassing" signs posted, it was an awkward feeling parking on the street and then walking through the gate to reach the trail.  For that reason, I am not going to disclose the exact whereabouts of this trail but if you really want to hike it, I'm sure you can figure it out...

 Follow the road, up, up, up

 Amazing boulders (probably fell and rolled off Boney Mountain)

 Just getting started

 Conejo Peak 2854 Feet

I wasn't sure what to expect today.  First of all, I wasn't prepared.  I was wearing jeans and some old high top sneakers; not exactly the wardrobe fit for a gnarly climb.  I wasn't even sure if it was possible but once I passed the gate and stables, I would not be denied.  I moved quickly because the sun this time of year still sets quite early.  There was not another sole in site along the way.  The rock formations were more amazing than what my few pictures describe.  The road eventually narrows to a single track trail but it's easy to manage for the most part.  I did get creeped out when the woods collapsed like a dark tunnel trail.  I tiptoed cautiously and rose my fist when I heard movements.  Of course it was only birds but I sprinted anyway.  Finally, I reached the top.  I snapped a few photos and had to get back.  Just near the top there was a T-Junction.  Hmm, wonder where that goes???

Sunset on my way back...

I researched "Conejo Peak" on Google before attempting this track today and not much came up.  Looks like there is a longabout way of doing this through the National Park (15 mile+ round trip).  If you hike the Hidden Valley Overlook Trail and then keep going, maybe you'll reach this peak, that is if you plot your course correctly...

Day #445 * Hike #501 * New Track #455
Strathean Historical Park & Stargaze Park - West Simi Valley, CA
Thursday February 2, 2012
My Tripometer:  1.25 Hours *  1.25 Miles * + Feet

My quest to rule West Simi continues.  Today I chose the easy way out and wandered across a couple of parks off Tierra Rejada Road.

Strathean Park is a museum.  The gate was locked so there wasn't much to do.  Down the street at Stargaze Park I was able to wander around for a bit.  Kept it easy today.


  1. I was advised that Conejo Peak - trailhead on this post, is on private property. It does lead to open space though. If anyone can suggest a legit trailhead to access this, please announce for all...

  2. Jeremy there is a legit way to reach Conejo Peak without crossing Private Property - a more difficult hike than the route you outlined. This hike (out & back) from Wendy Rd. is approx. 12.5 miles with an elevation gain of 2400 feet - VERY strenuous.

    From the Wendy Trailhead:
    - Hike into the Park; go left @ Hidden Valley Overlook Trail.
    - Follow to the "end" of the maintained trail. Conejo Peak will be the mountain
    in-front of you (next to Boney).
    - Continue forward: Bear right onto the single track, down a steep hill, pass
    an old wire fence (open), continue along the ridge, then downhill.

    There will be a hidden connector trail on the right just as the trail begins to steeply descend. Turn right; this trail becomes rocky for about 1/2 mile and tough to follow. After the last open clearance, you will have to climb roughly 200 feet through the woods to reach the horse trail. The track is very loose and uneven, and the hill is quite steep and rocky in places - go slowly until you reach the horse trail. Continue up the horse trail to the top.

    As you mentioned there is a fork at the top; head right to reach a meadow adjacent to Tri Peaks (great views). You will see the Mishe Mokwa Trail, Echo Peak and Sandstone.

    If you head left you will eventually reach a different peak, overlooking TO.

    That trail also extends to Balanced Rock.

    Have fun!!





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