Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 465: North Grasslands Trail / Las Virgenes Trail to De Anza Park

Pepsi; Will you Sponsor me???

Day #465 Hike #526 * New Track #474
Wednesday February 22, 2012
North Grasslands Trail to De Anza Park - Calabasas, California

Las Virgenses Trail / Unsecured Trail
My Tripometer: 1.75 Hours * 4.75 Miles * +450 Feet

From the 101 Freeway in Calabasas, exit on Las Virgenes Road and head south towards the ocean.  Stay on Muholland for a few miles and then turn right on Muholland Highway.  Today's trailhead will be just a couple hundred feet down on the right.  Park on the street and hike past this sign.

Sepulveda Adobe (immediately on the left)

I actually intended to hike from De Anza Park today, but I didn't realize that I had to turn down Lost Hills Road to reach the park.  This was probably for the best because of the circumstances of this hike.  I discovered the park just a couple weeks ago Day 452: Liberty Canyon Trail - Talopop Trail to De Anza Park

 Wrong Way!

After you pass the Sepulveda Adobe, you will follow the trail into an open field, hence Grasslands Trail, and then intersect a paved road.  There is a small power station on the right so I chose to turn left.  I followed the road about a quarter mile and reached a gate.  On the other side of the gate is this road.  It looks like I could have crossed and continued but I had my mind set on De Anza Park.  Thus, I turned around to rejoin the trail.

 I prefer Pepsi!

So my plan is to ask Pepsi to sponsor me.  My goal is to drink one Pepsi a day AFTER the hike.  Of course, to help sell the idea I figured that I should drink one along the hike.  I decided that my long term goal is to hike Mount Whitney on Day #1000.  On top of the Mountain I will drink a can of Pepsi.  Of course, if Coke or some other soda or drink offers me a contract, I will have to go with them.  I am open to sponsorship.  I am not monetizing this blog nor am I profiting from any of this.  The experience is amazing but becoming costly with gas and whatnot.  It only makes sense at some point to do something, but one thing will not change; This Blog Will Always be FREE!!!  I enjoy sharing the trail information!

 Back to the junction, no signs but from the trail turn right...

 Around the bend, another no signage fork: TURN RIGHT!

 Follow the Trail

 Ah, a sign!  Turn RIGHT, do not go into the field...

Keep going...

 Cross the bridge

I came from the left side of this picture...

If you make a 180, you will reach the trail that I hiked just two weeks ago.  Thus, I hiked all but a quarter mile of the Liberty Canyon Fire Road.  I did hike the Day 459 Phantom Trail last week.  I am mastering this area quickly!  So, as the sign indicates, proceed forward to the Las Virgenes Fire Road.

 The trail goes up and to the left

 Take the V-Turn down the Las Virgenes Trail

FYI- If you did want to hike from De Anza Park to Liberty Canyon Road or vice versa, taking this route around versus the hilly Taleopop Trail would be much easier and faster.  The fireroad trails have little elevation gain, which is great for jogging; especially when you have PEPSI POWER!

 A Tree

 The third time I've seen this Coyote in consecutive weeks!

 My what big teeth you have!

 Through the grasslands

 Easy Elevation Gain


 Pass the Taleopop Trail Junction - The bridge to DeAnza Park

 To the left (rear) of the park, let's check it out...

 The Swing Tree

 De Anza Park from above

High above the Tree Swing (looking back toward Liberty Canyon)

The unmarked trails spur off in several different directions.  I found one that looped back toward my route home.  The sun was setting so no delay, I am on my way...

 Heading Back


 A young Buck with his Doe

 There was also two little fawns nearby...

Sunset over the M.A.S.H. backdrop

I know that the M.A.S.H. site is somewhere back here.  SkyHiker shared with me his experience.  He commented the link on this blogpost: Day 399 Rock Pools at Malibu Creek Park
--I will retrace his footsteps in the near future...




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