Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 462: San Ysidro Trail - Waterfall

A Tranquil Waterfall for Skyhiker

Day #462 Hike #522 * New Track #470
Sunday February 19, 2012
San Ysidro Trail - Waterfall - Montecito, California
My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 4.5 Miles * +1150 Feet

Park Lane

From the 101 Freeway in Santa Barbara head south to Montecito and exit on San Ysidro Road.  Turn North toward the mountains for about a mile and then turn right at the stop light on East Valley Road.  Drive nearly a mile down East Valley, weave around a few turns and then look for Park Lane on your left (as seen in the picture above).  Turn left on Park Lane, drive to the end of the road and then turn left on Mountain Drive.  This road will end in 500+ feet and the trailhead is on the right.  Park anywhere on the road with your right tires slightly off the road.

 My New Ride; not...

 Ayden, Kaitlyn, Jacob and Sammi at the Trailhead

 the house to the left along the trail

 Follow the trail along the road

 stop to climb the tree

 Hang out by the water just before the real trailhead

 a quarter mile in, the journey begins

 The Old Pueblo Trail spurs off to the right

Go straight past the gate.  You will soon pass another gate, just continue following the fire road through the forest.  I'll research this Old Pueblo Trail and try it some other time.  In addition, a half mile from the start is the McMenemy Trail.  I'll have to look that one up too...

Follow the main road to stay on the Ysidro Trail

 Sammi and kids visited the water crossing on the McMenemy first

  Kids will be kids, scaling the rocks...

 As Ayden would say, "Climb Rocking"

 Look mom, no hands!

 The clouds were hovering over

 Looking back; hmm, wonder where that road goes???

 The trail turns right off the road; I don't know where the road goes...

 Water running along the trail

Easy Elevation Gain

 No, that's not the "waterfall", but it's more fluent

After a quick switchback, cross the water...

 We made it.  Lunch is served

 Sammi took a dip - and a sip :)

 Comeon kids, time to head back...

 Option B: The San Ydidro Trail climbs higher - but not today

Sign at the trailhead

This was Jacob's first legit hike.  At age 6, he did pretty good.  Ah, but our day was not over.  We jumped back in the car but before going home, we went to a special place for another hike.  To be continued...


  1. Hey, Jeremy,

    I actually started giggling when I saw the first picture, even before I read the caption. ;D Looks like a great hike, though!




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