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Days 439 - 442: Oak County Park - Model Airplane Field

Near the Two Trees Trailhead on Sunday Day 441 touring Open Houses

Day #442 * Hike #498 * New Track #452
Monday January 30, 2012
Oak County Park - West Simi Valley, California

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 3 Miles * +350 Feet

 Park Entrance

From the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, take the 23 Freeway North and stay on until it becomes the 118 East.  Take the 2nd Exit at Collins (Last Moorpark exit).  At the ramp, stay straight on Arroyo.  Follow this for 1.5 miles and look for the sign.  Turn left, cross the tracks and head to the rear of the park.

 A Trail at the far end of the park?

What is this place?  It' a campground but it seems abandond.  My guess is that it fills up on the weekends when guests of the trailer park across the street come into town.  It seems really eerie here, but lets explore...

 I found a road leading up...

I did not immediately find a trail, so I ventured up the road.  After the first turn, there was a clear sign that said "No Tresspassing".  But, no one was looking so I continued...

 Over the 118 Freeway

I decided to explore this area today because we drove past it last week for Alyssa's Soccer Tournament.  I noticed the field you see in the picture above and I want to hike it!  I figured to start west and gradually begin to explore easterly.  This is still Ventura County and Oak County Park is only about 15 minutes from my job.  However, I did not cross the freeway today to find the cool green field...

 Well God Bless America!

 I Found a Model Airplane Field!

 The Road back down

It's only a couple hundred feet to the top, maybe a half mile at most and not much going on.  I turned around and headed back to the car.  At the bottom, instead of going back to the parking lot, I searched beyond the campsites and found a "Trail Sign".  I followed the single track trail...

 Easy going shaded trail...

Maybe a quarter mile into the new aventure I ended up at the train tracks:

 Following the tracks...

I followed the tracks for a half mile or so and then turned around and jogged back to the trail.  It was sorta creepy wandering through the initial section which was obviously blown open by dynamite years ago.  Be careful, trains frequently rush through here...

 Looking Down...

Back at the trail from the tracks, I discovered that the trail kept going (up).  I missed this initially because I was overtaken by the tracks.  The photo above is looking down after the easy climb.

Loop back to the campground

The trail loops back.  Less than a mile total however at this bench you have the option to scatter up the hill.  This would lead back to the Model Airplane Field.  Already been there so I hiked back and called it a day...


Day #439 * Hike #495 * New Track #449
Friday January 27, 2012
Cypress Park - Newbury Park

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2 Miles * +75 Feet

It was a Friday Craigs List Pick up for my wife's Day Care.  I found Cypress Park at the End of Kimber and found a small lake?!  It was fenced off but beyond the park I jogged around the lake.  Along Via Rio Road is a fine dirt sidewalk trail which made for a good run.  Cypress Park itself was nothing more than a couple of ball fields and basketball hoops...

Day #440 * Hike #496 * New Track #450
Saturday January 28, 2012
Trancas Canyon Park - Mailibu

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.25 Miles * +75 Feet

This park was closed, but we did it anyway.  Up Trancas Canyon Road from PCH in Malibu, you will see the driveway to the parking lot on your right.  Unfortunately, the gate was closed due to high fire danger.  However, that did stop us from walking down there and play on the playground with the kids.  Strange open space all alone???  Later that day, we took Alyssa back to the Playoff fields in Moorpark and beat Malibu 4-0.  Alyssa had 4 goals.  Pretty cool that we played in their backyard pregame and then whooped some a$$ on a neutral field...

Amazing Homes and Nice Views off Trancas Canyon

Day #441 * Hike #497 * New Track #451
Sunday January 29, 2012
Simi Valley Town Center
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

We woke up around 5:30 am and left the house shortly after 6am to be in Moorpark by 7am.  Alyssa's Semi Final Game against Van Nuys started at 8am.  It was a nice warm morning and the Santa Ana winds had died down.  Alyssa was still under the weather from her 4 day Out Door Ed adventure for 5th grade.  Turns out this is a common ritual for the Ventura School District.  Back in Cleveland, I think I once visited the metroparks with my school for a half day adventure...

Despite having a mild temperature, Alyssa helped her team beat Van Nuys to face off against Quartz Hill in the Championship.  At 10am, the battled Quartz Hill and Alyssa scored two goals in the game to defeat the then 19-0 undefeated team 2-0.  Next up, State Cup!!!

After the game, we drove to the Simi Valley Town Center.  Off to the left of the 118 I noticed the amazing open space, hence my hikes for Monday, and Wednesday which I will write about next.  This town center has only been around for a few years and it was the first time for me.  We walked around the entire outdoor shopping mall and the above pictures are near a place called Melts.  They serve crepes and gelato there.  The food was, ok...  We prolly hiked a good 2 miles here and an additional 1+ miles in Moorpark, but I will only give credit today for the new spot that I found.  Keep in mind, a decade ago this would have been a hike through open space...

After Simi Valley, we continued our outdoor adventures in Ventura.  We toured the insides of Open Houses and made the House Hunters Audition Tape.  Unfortunately, we just learned that we will not be picked for this reality show.  When I heard the news it reminded me of Ford Focus Rally America.  Back then, we were really excited for the opportunity and it was my first real introduction to social media.  Prior to that, I hadn't used the internet for anything other than work purposes since the good ole AOL days.  I was frustrated with the response I was getting from Focus Rally America that I decided I would start hiking everyday to create my own adventures.  More than 400 days, still doing it!  So, when House Hunters chose someone else, I climbed Conejo Peak.  I googled it and no one has ever written about it.  I hiked that on Friday and will update this blog at a later date with the photos and info.  Cool Hike...

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