Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 452: Liberty Canyon Trail & Talopop Trail to De Anza Park

Horse Trail along the dirt Liberty Canyon Rd (right of the trail)

Day #452 * Hike #510 * New Track #462
Thursday February 9, 2012
Liberty Canyon Trail & Talopop Trail to De Anza Park - Agoura Hills, CA

My Tripometer: 1.75 Hours * 6 Miles * +1100 Feet


From the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills exit on Liberty Canyon Road and head south to the end of the road (about a mile).  Park your car (bike) and begin your journey.  The paved road straight ahead marks the Liberty Canyon Trail.  I'm not sure where the dirt road to the right goes?

 Hmm, looks like I'll come back next week to check this one out

 Ducks and water running between the trail and road (it's no big deal)

 Cool open green fields to the left

This was an awesome new discovery today!  I was happy-go-unlucky however when I was running with my shirt off for the first time this season.  The sun was out, nearly 80 degrees, perfect; until a bee ran up against my stomach and stung me!!!  I jumped, swatted it off and did not lose stride.  I now sit here three days later with a large itchy welt -- gotta love nature :)

 This is how I knew I was on the Liberty Canyon Trail

 About a mile from the bike, I decided to head up the Tolopop Trail

 Steep climb leads to awesome views

 Over Las Virgines Road

 +400 feet to the top, then roller coaster along the ridge

 Some shade up here, not much

 Switchback heading down

 Passed this sign, WRONG?!

There is no way that the Liberty Canyon Trail is only a half mile from here!  I did some searching on the internet and discovered that the Talopop Trail is actually 1.8 miles each way with a 450 foot elevation gain and 400 foot elevation loss.  Since I did this both ways, the Talepop trail ran me 3.6 miles +850 feet.  Good workout at a good pace.  Check out the website for more details of this area:

Shortly after the sign you will reach another trail.  Turns out this is the Grassland Trail aka Las Virgines Trail.  Luckily I chose left.  I just thought it would make sense...

 Cross the bridge...

 Surprise; ok, where am I??

 Where's he going?

 Cool; My kids would like this but then they'd prolly try to jump :)

 Roller Hockey!

 Ah ha!  Juan Bautista de Anza Park

Nearly sun down and it took nearly an hour to get here.  No time to play.  Reverse course!  Good news, I found several more hikes to explore next week and beyond.  A few months ago I found a trailhead only about a mile from here but it leads you over, around and back beyond this entire area.  Although so close, I really was quite far away!

Day #453 * Hike #511 * Duplicate Track
Friday February 10, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park - Ventura

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +350 Feet

Long hiking week; long week...  After work I took Sammi along the not so normal anymore routine.  She appreciated it and then I appreciated a six-pack of the new Bud Light Platinum.  Normally I'm a dark beer or malt liquor kinda guy, but this 6.0% liquid was actually pretty good...

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