Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hike #523: Carpinteria Harbor Seal Rookery

Day #462 Hike #523 * New Track #471
Sunday February 19, 2012
Carpinteria Harbor Seal Rookery - Carpinteria, California

My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +25 Feet

Welcome Back

From the 101 Freeway head to Carpinteria and exit at Ballard.  Turn toward the Ocean and then turn right at the stop sign (going straight through the stop sign is the legit way to visit the seals, but I'm looking for a new hike).  Just past the open field turn left at the driving range.  Park to the side and walk back to the ocean.  The Seal Sanctuary is only a quarter mile back.  This is the quickest way to visit the seals.

 From the parking lot, walk to the ocean

 This guy is still around.  We first saw him on Day 40 (I think?)

 Low Tide - Turn right at the bluff (stay above the beach)

 Wow, it's busy!

 Mama teaching her pup how to swim

 Alert!  Do not enter the beach - VIOLATION!

 This pup was born just 1 hour earlier!

The Sealwatch organization said that the placenta was out.  The seagull must have smelt blood and was looking to attack the baby.  The whole time we were there, the bird was stalking the pup and the mom was barking back.  The mama was making circles around the pup to defend it.  Good thing that lady and her dog stopped when they did because any closer, the seals would have fled to the water and this pup may have become a victim.  Wouldn't have been the first time this year that it has happened.  Hence the reason why we need protection!  I haven't done much recently for this organization but I do hope to Seal the Beach. 


You can see the circular movement marks in the sand

**After the visit to the sanctuary, we wandered around the trails and ended up at the sign by the road that I started this blogpost with.  It was a long day after a long hike earlier and the kids were ready to go home...

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