Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 447: Escondido Falls

Day #447 * Hike #503 * New Track #457
Saturday February 4, 2012
Escondido Falls - Malibu, CA

Edward Albert Escondido Canyon TrailMy Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 4 Miles * +325 Feet

 Santa Barbara Island?

 Oops, wrong way...

From Ventura County, take PCH and about 1 mile South of Kanan look for Windyway on the left.  PASS N. Winding Way.  About 750 feet further will be the Winding Way That you need to turn on.  There is a small parking lot on your left.  This is a popular spot so good luck finding a space.  The overflow parking is on PCH.  Us and about 20 others parked on the main road. 

 Walk about a mile up the residential road.  No public parking up top

 The Trailhead

 Very nice trail, shaded in many spots

 Several easy creek crossings

 A couple different fork options; take your pick

 Almost there

 Look at all the people!

The Lower Falls

Most people will take a break here and congregate.  The trail up to this point was simple; easy elevation gain, good for running.  The real fun begins just above this Central spot.  However, with my 8-year-old son, weary wife and slippery shoes, we did not go higher.  People shared the experience on their IPhone.  About a15 minute hike up, the flow of the 150 foot waterfall begins.  There is a so foot section that you will need to pull yourself across by rope.  It didn't sound hard but we weren't going to take the chance.  As it was, people were flying down the steep hill and nearly falling into the creek because they couldn't stop themselves.  Of course, all they had to do was fall to their butts, but...  I noticed people wearing sandals, converse or other non traction like shoes.  When one lady said the rope was loose and another guy said, "did you see that guy fall", we reaffirmed our decision of not proceeding...

That being said, when Ayden is older I see no reason to not come back here.  First of all, there are a couple of loop alternatives to pave a new hike for the record books.  Second, Ayden would have gone if mommy didn't say no.  In final, when he is a teenager, he's gonna do it anyway so it may as well be with me :)!

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  1. I think you were looking at Santa Cruz Island With Anacapa tucked in front of it. If you were looking WNW, that is. Santa Barbara is a small rocky nub W and of course Catalina would be WSW. A sea lion stole one of my fins while diving off SB one day, scared the crap outa me.




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