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Days 463-464: Sinaloa Lake / Secret Sidewalk

Sinaloa Lake (Private)

Day #463 Hike #524 * New Track #472
Monday February 20, 2012
Sinaloa Lake - Simi Valley, California

Simi Youth Baseball / Sinaloa Golf Course
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet

From the 101 Freeway in Conejo Valley, take the 23 Freeway North and exit on Olsen.  Turn right on Olsen and continue to follow the fast road as it becomes Madera.  You will pass the Presidential Library on the left and then turn right on Irvine.  There is a traffic light and you will notice this sign on the right:

...Follow Irvine to the end and turn right up the short steep hill and then park by the baseball fields.  Today was Presidents Day.  I probably should have honored our presidents by hiking above the library but I decided upon searching for this lake to continue my pursuit of West Simi.

From the baseball fields walk back toward Irvine and cross the road.  There is a gated community that you can easily walk into.  The blogpost title picture above shows the view of the lake to your right as you immediately enter the community.  Problem is, there is a barbwire fence restricted you from access.  Thus, I continued to follow the road until I reached the above picture.  The golf course was on the left and a trail on the right.  I followed the trail and it of course led back to the golf course:


I wandered around the entire course.  It was busy and I felt awkward doing this but no one said anything to me.  I attempted to climb a hill at the end to find an opening in the fence for the lake but it was impossible.  There was a hill above the fence so the view of the lake was not even noticeable.  Eventually, I began to trek back to the baseball fields.  Mission Failed!

 Took another picture before departing the area

I did venture up a private driveway to hint on what this lake was all about.  It does appear to be an inside trail around the lake but it's evident that it is for residents only.  I guess I need an invite.  I discovered this lake by looking on Google Maps.  It appears there is a beach and boat docks.  I am still very interested and wonder if there is a public access opening from the other side.  Doubtful, but I imagine one day I will explore.

 Batter Up!

Thought about it; not today - not ever!

Day #464 Hike #525 * New Track #473
Tuesday February 21, 2012
Secret Sidewalk / Pleasant Valley Fields - Camarillo, California

My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 2.75 Miles * +25 Feet

 The Secret Sidewalk

Soccer Practice Tuesday.  For the third consecutive week, I took my son to Hobart Park after work.  However, rather than hiking the duplicate track I practiced with Alyssa.  When Jessi arrived to stay with Ayden, I took Alyssa to Camarillo for her Eagles practice.  At least here I can jog around a legit 1-mile loop.  On the far eastern side I noticed a jogger disappear behind the houses.  Hmm, lets check this out!  Yes, Day 464 highlights New Track #473.  The sidewalk spans 3/4's of a mile down towards Pleasant Valley Road.  It actually ends at the mobile park entrance to be exact.  Off to the right beyond the fence was a tropical paradise.  For a moment, I thought I was in Florida.  There was a hidden pool area with palm trees and I imagined a bar.  I snapped a picture on my camera phone but it came out so blurry that I'm not going to share it.  I turned around, jogged back and took a pic of the exhausted sunset:

Sunset over Pleasant Valley Fields

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