Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 575: Fulton Mall in Freson - Bravo Farms (Bravo Cheese Factory) - Chuckchansi Park

Fulton Mall - Downtown Fresno

Day #575 * Hike #656 * New Track #559
Tuesday June 12, 2012
Fulton Mall - Fresno, CA
Bravo Cheese Factory - Traver, CA
My Tripometer: 1.5 hours * 1.75 Miles * +25 Feet

 Bravo Cheese Factory

From Ventura, it took us about 3 hours of nonstop driving until we made our first pit stop.  Taking the 126 East to the 5 North to the 99 North through Bakersfield and then the 41 North to Fresno, Bravo was a Bravo for us!  There were many signs leading up to this exit so Ayden and I decided to be adventurous...

 Awesome tree house and playground for kids

 Farm Animals

 They were happy to see us :)

 Ayden sneaking the cheese

Beer and tri-tip for the dudes and ice cream for the kiddos.  This cheese was way good and we had to order some.  It was a good call because we snacked on it for several days.  The nuts here were also quite yummy.  There was wine tasting but I still had a ways to go so I opted to pass on a late morning drink.  Yes, this is a tourist trap but if you are heading up to Yosemite from LA, Bravo does make for a nice rest area...

**Bravo was not a hike, however the Fulton Mall in Fresno was.  Another 20 minutes up the 41 you will take exit 126 and turn left.  I believe this is Van Ness?  Take it downtown, just a couple of minutes and find some street parking.  The meters are good, 75 cents an hour with a one-hour max.  The meter we chose had 54 minutes left so I added a nickle to bump it up to 58 minutes...

 Ayden on a dry fountain (there were many)

 90 plus degrees, Ayden's jumping around

 some fountains had water

 wonder what they are talking about?

 cooled off with some wings and a beer

 Chukchansi Park - Minor League Baseball?

Fresno was pretty lame but we handled the Fulton Mall area.  Now, time for our real vacation to begin...

 North of Fresno, the landscape rises from the dirt...

The 41 North to Yosemite...

Check back in, I will update our hikes next...

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