Saturday, June 16, 2012

Days 571 - 574: Just for the record, Guinness???

Day #571 * Hike #652 * Duplicate Track #557
Friday June 8, 2012
Victoria Tunnel Run - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 30 minutes * 3.25 Miles * +50 Feet

Last time I came back here was near the beginning of this 1000 Hike Endeavor.  I lost my wedding ring while walking with Sammi and Domi on the other side of this pathway.  Anyhow, today this was Jessi's idea and with Ayden on his bike, Jess and I jogged from the end of Saratoga (above Thille Park) and we raced down the path, through the Victoria Tunnel, past Johnson and then down through the streets and back.  If you continue this route to Kimball Park and then loop the 1.35 mile oval, the total roundtrip works out to almost exactly 5 miles.  Jess has been doing this from time to time but I could not hang so we cut the trip short...

Day #572 * Hike #653 * Duplicate Track
Saturday June 9, 2012
Arroyo Verde - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 3.75 Miles * +475 Feet

Breaking out into a good sweat, I ran the hills of Arroyo Verde.  I seem to do better on trails and dirt versus smooth pavement.  So many duplicate tracks lately but my trip to Yosemite is right around the corner...

Day #573 * Hike #654 * New Track #558
Sunday June 10, 2012
Derby Club - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1 hour * 1.25 Miles * +0 Feet

The idea of going to the Derby Club in Ventura today was to bet on the Belmont Stakes.  Problem is, we got there too late and we were with kids, who aren't allowed in the Derby Club.  So, we hiked across the parking lot and found a go-kart track!  I guess this has been here awhile but we never knew about it.  The course is set up right in the parking lot.  For 20 bucks, Ayden drove around for a few minutes and wiped out a few times.  After that, we walked over by the outdoor train depot and then over to the beach.  Jess took the kids further up to the pier while I walked back to place some bets on Cal Expo.  I haven 't bet on the ponies in a long while and it took me more than 30 minutes to finally place my first bet.  Oh, I was close but after spending $26.00 ($4.00 on the program and $22.00 in bets), my night was over.  Lost by a nose here and a head there.  Basically, same old story.  Back in the day, I would bet $26.00 or more on one ticket so....  yeah, it was all good...

Day 574 was a duplicate walk in Arroyo Verde.  Just a 1.5 mile quick walk with the dogs.  Ayden and I head out to Yosemite in the morning...

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