Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 576: Taft Point - Yosemite National Park - Fissures - Sentinel Dome - El Capitan

Profile Cliff at Taft Point (Elevation 7503 Feet)

Day #576 * Hike #660 * New Track #563
Wednesday June 13, 2012
Taft Point - Yosemite National Park
Fissures - Sentinel Dome - El Capitan
My Tripometer: 1.25 hours * 2.25 Miles * +450 Feet

In the southern portion of Yosemite National Park, take Glacier Point Road to the top.  Before descending down to Glacier Point, the Taft Point and Sentinel Dome Trailhead will be on your left.  We started early which meant there was ample parking.  However, when we were finished, the parking was full and people were forced to park way down the street.  It makes sense to hike Taft Point and go to Glacier Point in the same trip.  Thus, hike Taft Point first to beat the rush...
 A coin flip, we chose Taft Point

 Quartz formation near the trailhead

 A closer look

 Two gentle crossings over the sentinel creek

 A large rock in the woods

 Trail sign at the Phono Trail Junction

 Green moss growing on the trees

 Fissures, watch your step...

 Taft Point 3500 feet above Yosemite Valley

 El Capitan far across the valley

 Yosemite Falls to the North East

 A wider view

 Look out below!

 Crossing more fissures on our way back

 Hmm, not interested; way too long and not enough time!

 beautiful blue markings

 Back to the Pohono Trail Junction
We chose to take the easy route back to the car.  Besides, looping to Sentinel Dome would have been longer from this direction anyway.  Rather than hike to the Dome, Ayden and I jumped back in the car to head out to Glacier Point.  From what I've read, Sentinel Dome offers some of the best views of Yosemite.  I will have to return to the Park to confirm this.
Listed below are some additional links to help persuade you to visit Taft Point! 
Dean Solo-at Taft Point


  1. You make me want to return to Yosemite, but I doubt if the damaged knees will ever be strong enough for more than the valley. We stick close to home in western Oregon, which we also love. A turtle in hand can stride along, air canoeing, but we have to be careful of temperature.

  2. I was recently in Oregon. I drove and hiked down that scenic route outside Portland towards Mt. Hood. Search my blog for the pics. I hope to eventually organize this better but for now, I'm off hiking. Also, check back in a few days when I complete updating my Yosemite Trip.






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