Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 836: Canyon Overlook Trail to Lizard Rock - Wildwood Park

Overlooking Wildwood Park from Lizard Rock

Day #836 * Hike #1040 * New Track #817
Canyon Overlook Trail - Camarillo (Thousand Oaks)
Lizard Rock - Wildwood Park
Friday March 1, 2013
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 3 Miles * +850 Feet

 Today's destined Trailhead

When you turn down Hall Canyon Road from Santa Rosa, in Camarillo, there is a new sign posted "Welcome to Thousand Oaks".  Strange, as you can not access the rest of Thousand Oaks, unless by foot.

 Hmm, what happened to the bridge???

My goal today was to trek along new trails in the Rancho Conejo Open Space.  My intention was to continue my movements where I left off on Day 613: Nothing Loop Happy Valley.  However, as you can see there was no bridge here so rather than getting wet, I trekked back to find somewhere else to hike...

 Photo taken from my bike, I will hike up this ridge...

 Canyon Overlook Trailhead

I actually hiked this trail to Lizard Rock back on Day 247: Santa Rosa Community Park.  Back then, there was no sign identifying this trail and across the street, there was no bridge...

 New Trek across the bridge

 The Creek

 New Trail

 The Map
Right now I am on the west side of Hall Canyon Road, exploring around.  Eventually, I will hike up the Canyon Overlook Trail identified in red on this map...

 T Junction

I found my way down here a long while back.  I hiked from Newbury Park and remembered seeing a coyote or fox on this trail Day 219: Lost in the Rancho Conejo Open Space.

 Begin to climb...

 Familiar views, duplicate hike...

 new bench?

 along the ridge

 looking back at what I've done...

 Wildwood Park in sight...

 Heading towards Lizard Rock

 Hall Canyon Water Plant

 Wildwood Park

 Lizard Rock

Back to my bike
Reaching Lizard Rock from Wildwood: Day 23: Lizard Rock
On Day 23, I took the long loop around to reach Lizard Rock.  There is also a Lizard Rock Trail Head entrance at the end of Hall Canyon.  I hiked along that as well, not sure which day though.  This area is Vast, amazing, and many ways to reach these destinations.  I will be back...




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