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Day 832: Alta Vista Trailhead - Highest Peak in Newbury Park

Anacap - From the highest peak in Newbury Park

Day #832 * Hike #1036 * New Track #815
Alta Vista Trailhead - Newbury Park
Monday February 25, 2013
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.75 Miles * +950 Feet

 Trailhead 720 Feet

Topo Map: http://www.satelliteviews.net/cgi-bin/g.cgi?fid=1986968&state=CA&ftype=airport

Change the map to “Physical”. This will give you a topographic view of the area. –Scroll left to Reino Rd between Borchard Rd & Old Conejo Rd, Zoom in and look for Lesser Dr (off Reino). Follow lesser to the west, go around the swerve and turn left on first street (Alta Vista which is not labeled on map). The Trailhead is across from Calle Las Collinas. You will see the two rounded peaks on the Topo to the West Southwest. Today I hiked to the peak which raises above the 1400 foot level. If you keep scrolling to the left, there is a peak which raises above 1800 feet but this lies in Camarillo and you cannot access this summit from the Newbury peak. However, you can reach this summit by heading between the two Newbury Peaks which leads to an Edison Road. From there, follow the road to the west and I believe there is a way to climb it from there. Another way is to hike out of Camarillo Springs to reach this top.

 We are heading to the higher peak in the distance

On Day 710: Highest Peak in Newbury, I hiked from a different location and achieved the first peak.  At that time, I deemed that the other peak was nestled in Camarillo but after climbing to the top top, I stand corrected.  On Day 710 I discovered the Alta Vista Trailhead.  I hiked from Alta Vista a few months back but remained at ground level, saving this climb for, NOW...

 Don't let the ease of this fool you...

Check back on Day 710 for descriptive photos leading you to the top.  Keep following the trail up and up and eventually you will reach a junction.  Turning right will take you to my Day 710 climb.  Thus, today I went left.  Let me tell you, I am in need of a new pair of shoes because this route is steep with a lot of loose dirt and rocks.  Nothing to difficult, but it is a bit of a climb...

 Views of the Conejo Grade and beyond...

 Conejo Valley

 More Climbing

 Secret trail to an opening...

Shortly after reaching the summit, 1560 Feet, which there is no true clearing, duck down and head lower for a bit down this path...

 Amazing Island Views

 The trail ends here

 Views of Boney Mountain

I began heading back and after the steep downhill, I began to jog.  At some point, I missed my cut off.  Oops...  I warned myself about this on Day 710, and here I am not being careful becoming a victim of my warning.

 Alien Formations???
It was here when I realized that I turned wrong,  No big deal.  I continued down the hill which lead out to another neighborhood...

 have a seat

 Almost back...

Found another Trailhead for next time...

This brought me out to Los Vientos Road, across from Loreto Rd, or Dr., Ave???  In any regard, I was only about a quarter mile or so off and I jogged down Los Vientos, to Lesser and then over to Alta Vista.

So there you have it.  I think I climbed the highest peak in Newbury, excluding Boney Mountain.  I am certain that the other higher peak is Camarillo...

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