Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 857: Portuguese Bend Reserve - Palos Verdes Nature Preserve - Del Cerro Park

Large Tree at the Harman Overlook

Day #857 * Hike #1067 * New Track #837
Del Cerro Park - Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Palos Verdes Nature Preserve - Portuguese Bend Reserve
Burma Trail - Ailor Trail - Eagles Nest Trail - Harman Overlook 
Ishibashi Trail - Fire Station Trail
Friday March 22, 2013
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.25 Miles * +200 Feet

 Del Cerro Park

Who knew Crenshaw Blvd. could be so beautiful?  Growing up watching Boys 'N' The Hood, a Clevelander like myself pictured Crenshaw to be a road in the ghetto.  Well, that is true, until you follow the road all the way to the end.  FYI, Hawthorn Blvd which parallels Crenshaw is even more magnificent and will take you all the way to the ocean.  I will discover this on my next hike.  For now, you'll find Del Cerro Park at the end of Crenshaw...

 Views from the Free Parking Lot

 hiking to the back of the park

 Amazing Views back here!

 Looking out - Will drive over that way later...

I was disappointed to not find a way down the hill from this park.  However, I had a hunch and walked back out to the road, turned right and just a few hundred feet down...

 Trailhead down the Fire Road...

 Portuguese Bend Reserve - So Many Trails!!!

 Looking Out - Let's check it out...

We ran down the fire road to the bottom.  There is a single track line that follows the road which offers amazing ocean views.  Although I felt so darn ill, jogging down this hill and sweating temporarily made me forget about this...

 At the bottom, we turned right down this single track through the field

 It took us back to the fire road (looking right)

 We turned left...

 About 20 feet up, turn right down Ailor Trail

 Looking back at where we came from

 We turned right on the Eagles Nest Trail

It looked like this trail may take you all the way down.  Rather than do this, we turned back up and continued up the Ailor Trail...

 Harman Overlook

 Heading back up the fire road, look at this open space!

 Passing the Ishibashi Trail which would take you into the green...

 Another option, but...

 We looped back and jogged up the hill back to the park


This was a nice find!  I've never been to Palos Verdes before.  This peninsula is tucked in between Long Beach and the LAX.  Just wow.  Time to jump back into the car and see what else we can find...

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