Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 849: Las Virgines View Park

Day #849 * Hike #1058* New Track #829
Las Virgines View Park - Calabasas, California
Thursday March 14, 2013
My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 4.75 Miles * +750 Feet

 Trailhead (Corner of Las Virgines & Mulholland)

Exit the 101 in Calabasas at Las Virgines.  Head south toward the PCH.  Approximately 3 miles up, turn left on Mulholland and then make an immediate left in the dirt parking area.  This is across the street from King Gillette Ranch and adjacent to Malibu Creek State Park.  There are many amazing places to hike in this area... 

 Map of the trail

If you notice, about a quarter mile north of the view point there is a trail which is covered up.  I believe this overgrown trail will take you to the Millennium Loop Trail.  I first tackled the Millennium Loop via Bark Park.  Search this blog for details.  Also, here are some maps and descriptions that I found on line...
 Looking out toward the Liberty Canyon area...

 Begin with some easy switchbacks

 then back down to the road level, really!

 It's a roller coaster trail...

 it follows the road

 good for mountain biking, if that's your thing...

 more than a mile in, start heading away from the road...

Climbing away from the sound of cars... 

This is a very fast pace and easy elevation gain.  However, it felt long.  It was warm today and I built up a good sweat with my shirt off.  The occasional shade helped, which would make this a somewhat doable hike in the summer months.  However, no water.

At about 2 miles in, you reach a T-Junction, as noted on the map.  You will want to continue going right to reach the view point.  The trail heading left was overgrown but appeared to be mostly manageable - not with my shirt off though.  I tried snapping a picture of the trail junction, but my camera battery died!  Bummer dude.  All this hard work, reached the view point and no pictures to show for it.

I jogged most of the way back, a very nice pact trail in great condition...


  1. Velvet wasp at the top of your post--very nice. I've hiked Malibu Creek State Park and from the King Gillette Ranch. Noticed the trail across the street and figured it would be nice, but also crowded with the people too cheap to pay to enter the state park. ;D

    Haven't made any trips to Van Nuys recently, so no trips to the area since last spring. May need to head out there again before it gets too hot, but won't be able to for a while. Next week, I'm thinking maybe Joshua Tree. Week after that, back to Las Vegas.

  2. I've never hiked Red Rock and plan to do so next week. There are still many trails in this area that I have not hit but I am narrowing down the list. Hey, if you know in advance which day you will be up this way, let me know.




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