Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 850: Calabasas Cold Creek Trail - Secret Trail - Calabasas Peak

Day #850 * Hike #1059 * New Track #830
Calabasas Cold Creek Trail - Calabasas, California
Secret Trail - Calabasas Peak

Friday March 15, 2013
My Tripometer: 1.75 Hours * 4.75 Miles * +875 Feet


From the 101 Freeway in Calabasas, exit on Las Virgenes and head south for about three miles.  Turn left past King Gillette Ranch on Mulholland Highway.  Follow Mulholland for 5.8 miles and this Secret Trail will be on the right.  A quicker route from the 101 is to exit on Mulholland Dr.  This is what I did, but that's harder to explain... -- This link goes to a map of hiking trails in Calabasas.  I discovered it yesterday when I hiked at Las Virgenes View Park.  I then chose to hike here today; Listed as Hike #18, Secret Trail. 

 Little water crossing, mostly stagnant

 Heading up hill...

Much like yesterday, you follow the road for the first portion of this trail.  You then make your way up and back, which takes you to here...

 Pretty Darn Cool :)

You then drop about 50 feet in elevation before you start heading back up again.  There is some shade relief but don't rely on this.  I was going through water quickly because it was just steep enough and quite hot.  Unlike yesterday, the trail is more difficult to jog at a good pace.  Biking it would not be recommended..

 Heading Higher...

 Looks like we are nearing the top...

 Awesome geology...

 Trail Junction

 Dilapadated sign

From what I could make of it, the sign reads Calabasas Cold Creek Trail and Mulholland Hwy 2 Miles.  However, the map calls this the "Secret Trail" and rates the mileage at 1.2.  It felt about 1.25.  From here, I decided to turn right.  I followed this road up, and up...

 purty flowers

 Amazing views up here...

 Calabasas Peak 2163 Feet

 Woodland Hills

 Road leads to Stunt Rd and Red Rock Canyon

It was some time ago where Jess and I rode down Mulholland on my bike.  I hiked the beginning part of this road on that day and always planned to come back to it.  Now, I am closer than ever and I will need to do this stretch.  I recall talking to some old man who said that he hikes this trail every day and counts the steps that it takes him to reach Calabasas Peak.  I believe he said something like 3000 steps.  Ah, it's somewhere on my blog but I don't feel like searching for it right now.  Time to head back...

On my way back down the road, I took a side alternative to climb this ridge.  There are many alternatives to climb rocks to overlook the valleys...

Heading back down the Secret Trail, I see a park.  I spoke to the couple hanging out at Calabasas Peak and they explained that there was an Old Topanga Road entrance.  It would appear you could catch this park off that road, which should also lead you into this area at a higher elevation.  But hey, I'm here to climb so I don't need any short cuts.  That said, I'm still always in a rush and I'm pinched for time.  I do the best that I can and hope to keep up the 4 - 5 mile trips during the week and hammer out the 10+ mile journeys on the weekend...

Nice House...

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