Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 854: Ray Miller Trail - First Leg of the Backbone Trail - La Jolla

La Jolla Valley - from the Ray Miller Trail

Day #854 * Hike #1063 * New Track #834
Ray Miller Trail - First Leg of the Backbone Trail - Malibu, California
Tuesday March 19, 2013
My Tripometer: 1.25 Hours * 6 Miles * +1000 Feet

From Ventura County, head out to the PCH and turn left into the La Jolla parking area across the street from Thornehill Broom Beach.  However, instead of paying $8.00 in the self pay lot, you can park out on the PCH for free!!!

 Down the road: Day 230: Great Sand Dune
 jog 0.2 miles to reach the trailhead

The Ray Miller Trail is aka the First Leg of the Backbone Trail.  Although there is no indication on the trail sign, you should feel honored and privileged that you will be hiking this well known route.

FYI, there is another, more pleasurable and easier trail located in this parking area: Day 70: La Jolla Canyon.  If you are up for a long 7.5 mile loop, you can weave the Ray Miller Trail and La Jolla Trail together.  For today, I'll be taking the 2.7 mile track out and back...

Backbone Trailhead...

The Map
 Very Nice - Fast Trail!

 Very Gradual Climb
 Ocean Views

 Looking down on the snake of the Backbone and Mugu Rock

 La Jolla Valley: Hiked there on Day 216: La Jolla Valley
(Completely Amazing and Free back here!)

 Heading into the marine layer...

 Made it to the Fire Road

 Looking right down the Fire Road - Heads to Sycamore Canyon

The Backbone continues left along the road.  You would go left to loop back down La Jolla.  I figure that I will return up here on a bike from Sycamore and expand my trek across the Backbone.

With my camera in hand, I turned around and began to run.  Yes, run, not jog!  I ran so hard that my watering system broke!  The strap to one of my 10 ounce holders broke so with my free hand, I held on to my water.  Crazy, I hiked last week and went through water like water.  Today, I started with 20 ounces of God's Juice and ended up with about 18 ounces.  It only took me 20 minutes to run the 2.7 miles back, plus the 0.2 to the car.  Insane!  The faster I ran, the faster I wanted to go.  I'm not sure what got into me!  What a great trail!

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