Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 848: The Bachelorette - Desiree Hartsock - Newton Canyon Trail - Backbone Trail - Latigo Canyon - Castro Crest

Day #848 * Hike #1057 * New Track #828
Newton Canyon Trail - Agoura Hills, California
The Bachelorette - Desiree Hartsock

Backbone Trail - Latigo Canyon - Castro Crest
Wednesday March 13, 2013
My Tripometer: 3+ Hours * 1+ Miles * +100 Feet

 The Gates are Open - Where's my Rose???

It was about four months ago when my wife and I first found the Bachelor House -- Day 732: Bachelor House.  Today, she met me up in T.O. after work and we had a meeting in Westlake Village.  From there, we drove to the scene to see if there was any action for the upcoming season.  (For directions to the house, follow my Day 732 link).

 There it is

The house on the outside needs a makeover.  In the daylight up close, it looks all faded.  In case you are interested, here is a link for some gossip on the upcoming season:

I spoke to a guy by the gate and he said filming will begin soon.  This means, possibly today, Friday night, as I write this blog.  My wife and I discussed staking out the joint.  We found a spot up Kanan so maybe we'll head up there tomorrow...

 This guy is new...

Keep this pen in mind.  There is a fountain out here and I'm sure at some point during the season, Des will walk back here with a guy and they will talk about these little chicks...

From Kanana, we drove around in search for a new hike.  Scroll further down on this post to view more bacherlor photos because I do return...

 Castro Crest Trailhead - Backbone Trail

 This will be a future hike of mine...

 Trailhead Parking and Castro Crest Towers, from the road

From Kanana, after you pass the Bachelor House, turn left on Latigo Canyon Road and drive 2.9 miles.  This trailhead will be on your left.


Way back when I first started this blog, I jogged down the backbone trail and reached the sign in the picture above -- Day 18: Backbone Trail from Kanan to Latigo.  My intent is to complete the entire Backbone Trail system, but with my wife hanging out in the car, today was just a tease. 

Hmm, what do we have here?

 After making the long windy drove up to the trailhead, we slowly drove back and turned left down Newton Canyon Road.  Hmm, that name sounds familiar.  And it was...
Day 61: Backbone Trail to Zuma Falls -- I believe this is the nicest section of the Backbone Trail, which leads to Newton Canyon Falls.  And I am now on Newton Canyon Road.  Any trails down here?


 It's a trail...  Told Jess to give me a few...

 She was watching Hunger Games while I ran through here

Heading back, Castro Crest above in sight...

 I belive this unmarked trail meets up with the backbone.  Not sure for sure and I didnt go far enough in to find out...

 San Miguel Island
Awesome views form Latigo Canyon Road.  This is the picture that I chose to share...

 The Bachelor House

 Closer Up

The neighborhood - house being built
Aight, that's it for now.  It's after midnight and I'm going to bed...  

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